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Differences In Rearing The First And The Second Child

When second child comes, everything becomes more relaxed. One mother has selected most sympathetic differences in rearing their two children. After the birth of your first child, you have had more energy and you were curious about everything that can ensure perfect childhood for your child. You have bought various manuals and have consulted with other mothers, is not ?! …

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How To Teach Your Child To Swim

Swimming develops the body, increases immunity, affects on the motor skills and adjustment of movements, increases lung capacity, corrects posture and strengthens the musculature. Parents should teach their children to swim even after they turn four years, because only then they can go under water. With small children you should play fun games in a shallow pool. Show them how …

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Happy Parent – Happy Child

If we take into account the specific research about important rules that should be observed for proper upbringing of children, undoubtedly we could separate some crucial directions and concrete steps that will enable correctly upbringing of a happy child. If you want your child to be happy firstly try to make happy yourself. Achieving balance in your life is a …

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20 Fantastic Ideas For Siblings Sharing A Room

When a brother and sister have to share a room with each other, parents are in a dilemma. They want to each of them has their own personal space that characterizes him. Because of that we have selected inspiring ideas for decorating a small room shared by siblings. It will help you to make better design for the living space …

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Mother’s big influence on her daughter’s confidence

Many experts agree that the greatest gift we can give our daughter to be happy and successful in life is the strongly self-confidence. What research shows, however, is that the level of  mom’s confidence and the way in which she acts and express to herself has a large impact on doughter’s confidence. Here is what can you do to have …

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Grandma vs. Mother

                                       Parenting is difficult and the goal is to create a young person who is productive and involved in the community. As opposed to that, the grandmother has less oriented goals and are not responsible when a child does something that should not, …

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15- Must Do Photos In The First Year Of Your Baby’s Life

Sometimes memories fade, we forget beautiful moments and some opportunities disappear. In the life of your dearest, every moment is unique and priceless, therefore it is very important to make beautiful picture. 1.The small feet 2. The first attempts to crawl   3. The lucky moments when have a bath 4. First eating cereal 5. Lucky in hugs from parents …

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10 funniest children’s “opinions” on marriage

Read how kids younger than ten years experiencing relationships. Love problems often gives us headaches, but for children, on the other hand, everything seems very simple. Here’s what they say about male-female relationships: You need to marry with the one you kiss. That’s the rule. The best time for marriage is when you have 23 years. Until then you have …

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Things that every mum is doing, although she did not believe in it

Parenthood brings a lot of beautiful things and pleasures. But the truth is that every day is not such easy with children. Sometimes mom does things that had never thought that she would. And it is quite normal! We have selected some of that situation. Starring that is deaf Arguing behind closed doors or crying from the next room in …

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Fatherhood Changes The Brain Of A Man

It is clear that the role of the father brings many changes in the life of a man, but it is less expected that fatherhood affects at the functioning of the body. Look through what kind of changes men are going. Members of the male sex of human species are highly unusual because they belong to only six per cent …

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