Saturday , 21 October 2017


Let’s Give Our Kids Some Freedom At Grandma And Grandpa’s House

Do you remember your grandparents? I very clearly remember mine. I have fabulous memories of pancakes on Saturdaymornings with gobs of butter and syrup. I fondly recall watching too many cartoons, playing penny poker, and secret candy hand-offs. These are memories that are very special to me — they were days when I felt like I had a silly sort of freedom …

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Mom Spends 10 Hours a Day at Her Full Time Job, Pumping Breast Milk for Milk Banks

Imagine having a medical condition that potentially could make your life miserable but you use it as a force for good. Meet Beaverton, Oregon resident Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra – a mom-of-two who has hyper lactation syndrome. Yes, that means exactly what you think it does. The 29-year-old produces a lot of breast milk – A LOT. Her 6-month-old daughter Sophia drinks 20-28 ounces …

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Transgender man shares his joy after giving birth to a baby son with his gay husband after suffering a devastating miscarriage last year

A transgender Oregon man is overjoyed after giving birth to his first biological child this month. Trystan Reese, 34, was born a girl — but despite beginning hormone therapy a decade ago, he has kept his ‘original parts’, enabling him to get pregnant. Now, after experiencing the heartbreak of a miscarriage last year, he and his husband Biff Chaplow have finally …

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The mum who gives her child to her mother-in-law every weekend

Australian model and presenter Rachael Finch and her husband Michael Miziner spend every weekend away from their two-year-old daughter and say that doing so is ‘healthy for their relationship’.   The couple spends time in the week with their two year old daughter Violet, but she is looked after by Rachel’s mother-in-law from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, every weekend. …

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Lazy parents leave child pool locker

A Chinese couple have caused an outcry after allegedly leaving their child inside a locker at a public bathhouse. Shocking video has emerged showing the mother pulling the crying toddler out of the wooden cabinet. It’s suggested that the couple had left their toddler in the locker because they did not want to look after the child while they bathed, according to …

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5-Year-Old Is Battling the Same E. Coli Strain That Killed His Sister

Their parents believe the siblings contracted the infection at a petting zoo.   After a strain of E.coli proved fatal for a three-year-old in Wright County, Minnesota earlier this week, her five-year-old brother remains in critical condition as he battles the same bacteria strain. According to the Star Tribune, five year-old Kade Maresh and his younger sister Kallen both contracted a shiga toxin-producing bacteria (STEC) …

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The Pictures You’ll Want To Have

Sometimes when you’re in the trenches, you forget that you’ll miss it someday.   I woke up the other morning and found this picture on my phone. You see, right now I’m in the trenches. The newborn trenches, that is. But that night was my husband’s turn to get up with the baby. And after changing, feeding, and putting the …

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