Saturday , 24 June 2017


Photographer Finds Way To Incorporate Deployed Dad into Maternity Shoot

The magic of Photoshop reunites expecting parents for amazing photoshoot It’s not easy being a military spouse. It’s even harder when you’re expecting a baby and your husband is deployed 7000 miles away. Thanks to Photoshop and an ingenious photographer, one couple’s distance was made a little more manageable. When Nicole hired Traci Lynn, of Traci Lynn Photography, the photographer knew …

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I Wanted to Throw My Baby Out the Window

“Once, maybe twice a day, I get an image of terrible violence against the baby. Like a flicker in the corner of my eye, it lasts for a quarter of a second, maybe less. Sometimes it is me who inflicts this violence, sometimes it is someone else. Martin says it is all right—it is just her astonishing vulnerability that works …

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‘We are not “still” nursing, we are just nursing’

Standing in front of the mirror, right after a shower, seeing your every imperfection staring back at you from the fog covered glass. We’ve all done this. Just stood there wishing we could change this and that. Our bodies do so much for us and demonstrate immeasurable strength. Yet we spend so much time thinking about how we can look …

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Dear Working Mom: You Are Amazing, And Don’t You Forget It WORKING MOM

Dear Working Mom, I don’t know how you do it. We’ve all seen the hilarious BBC interview that went so very wrong when a toddler and baby came running into the room while their dad was on Skype being interviewed about democracy in South Korea. It was my favorite YouTube moment of the year — until my friend reposted this on Facebook, a spoof …

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The Miracle Twin: A Story of Birth, Loss and Organ Donation

My mom didn’t know she was having twins until after she delivered my sister, Jenny. Ultrasounds weren’t typically done in the late 70’s, so there was no cause for concern when it appeared as though my 5’11” mom was simply having a big baby. But seven weeks before her due date, what she thought was a reaction to spicy food …

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I Won’t Kiss My Kids on the Lips Because It’s Sexually Inappropriate

We’re excited to share this post written by Eden Strong from  YourTango. Recently, writer Sabrina Rogers-Anderson wrote an article titled, “Kissing Kids on the Lips Could Be Confused as Sexual? Ridiculous!” in which she states: “Let me get this straight: when my 2-year-old leans in for a slobbery kiss, I’m supposed to push her angelic little face away and explain …

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To the Other Mothers on My Facebook Feed

To the Other Mothers on My Facebook Feed: What you’re seeing is just a slice of my life as a mother. A minute. Scratch that — a second. The seconds I want you to see. Here is a picture I snapped of my kids sitting on the windowsill looking at some birds (really wholesome, right?). About five minutes before this, …

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Dad shares candid nap snap to encourage men to be a ‘dream husband’

We admire the sentiment – but isn’t this something dads do all the time?   There’s not a mum on the team here at MFM HQ that doesn’t totally get the utter exhaustion on the face of the woman in this pic. The culmination of interrupted nights, early starts and running around your baby like a headless chicken will do that …

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