Monday , 21 August 2017


Mom Shares Cost of Son’s Surgery To Highlight Potential Price of Trumpcare

A hospital bill showcases just how essential good health insurance is Healthcare is expensive, even when you’re healthy. When you’re not? You’d better hope you have good insurance. And if Trumpcare passes, you’d better hope you get better quick. Based on one woman’s example, you can’t afford to be sick in Trump’s America. The mother of a boy with a …

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Breastfeeding: A Dad’s Perspective

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. That’s the approach we adopted with breastfeeding. It is by no means a walk in the park and trust me – no matter what everyone says, it’s tough. The message (even if it is somewhat archaic now) of “breast is best” puts an unprecedented amount of pressure on women to …

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Perth mum loses baby to whooping cough: ‘This is the moment my heart broke’

Riley Hughes was just 32-days old when he died from vaccine-preventable disease whooping cough. What started as a common cold ended with Riley dying in mum Catherine’s arms on March 16, 2005. Now the devastated family is sharing their gut-wrenching story to raise awareness of the deadly disease and in particular for the whooping cough immunisation availabe to pregnant women …

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7 Things I’m Weird About Since Having Kids

Motherhood has made me weird. Like, before kids, I was mostly normal. I didn’t worry about life, and I pretty much trusted things to work out. My biggest worry before kids was how I was going to fill my Thursday nights when Friends ended (I mean, seriously, Thursday nights have never been the same, amiright?).  My husband and I did what …

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The One Phrase I Wish We Could Ban From Mom Conversations

My good friend is a single mother. Her days are as intricately plotted as a military operation: get up, nurse the baby while the pre-schooler watches a show, make breakfast, dress them both, pack lunches, get herself dressed and ready for work while the kids watch another show, drop one child at day care and the other at nursery school, …

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Breastfeeding Does Not Equal Success In Motherhood

It’s 6 p.m. on a Monday. I’m wheeling my shrieking baby across the store. We power-walk to the very back aisle. I’m looking over my shoulder the entire time. Had any employee been around, they probably would have suspected shoplifting. We finally make it to the right aisle. I cautiously look around once more and enter quickly. Relief. I didn’t run into anyone I know. …

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No, My Child Is Not Too Old For That, Thank You Very Much

  “How long is shegoing to do that for?” someone asked of my still-breastfeeding 2-year-old. “Isn’t she getting a little old?” No, but thank you for asking. “She’s still not potty trained, huh?” someone remarked about my just-turned-3-year-old. “Isn’t she getting too old for diapers?” No, but thanks for your concern. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people …

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See Gorgeous Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Their Toddlers

An Illinois photographer is shining a positive light on nursing through babyhood and beyond. In a series of photos titled “I Breastfeed My Toddler” (and in her forthcoming book, Breastfeeding Goddesses), Ivette Ivens beautifully captured the complicated, visceral side of breastfeeding, how it can make you feel powerful and nurturing and serene — often all at the same time. Moms …

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Blogger Mom In Tears Over Pre-Birth Photo, Shares Emotional Goodbye With Firstborn Before Having Second Child.

Photographer Laura Paulescu of Crowned Photography has a passion for capturing the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. Her beautiful photography and videography captures everything from pregnancy photos to in-hospital scenes to newborn photos. “I am in awe every time I get to witness the moment each family sees their new baby for the first time,” she writes on her website.”To …

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