Wednesday , 13 December 2017


The Special Bond Between Boys And Their Mamas

Our first two kids were girls, which was perfectly fine by me. I loved my girls. I understood girls. Girls were my jam. When we found out our third baby was a boy, I freaked a little inside. What was I going to do with a boy? I worried that I wasn’t going to understand him. Worse, I worried that …

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My partner begged me to stop breastfeeding

I remember it so clearly; I was in tears on the sofa with my boobs hanging out and my little man bunched up on my lap. I was crying, as I often was at the beginning of his life, and my partner was kneeling on the floor next to the sofa practically begging me to give Oscar a bottle and stop …

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Mom Warns About the Common Bedroom Item That Killed Her Infant

Jordan DeRosier, a heartbroken mom from Washington, shared her grief in a Facebook post after suddenly losing her 7-month-old son when he became entangled in his blanket at bedtime. The incident seemed innocent enough at first but resulted in any mother’s worst nightmare. “He was laid down with this blanket made by his great-grandmother, and one other blanket, a grey one he …

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What It’s Like To Help Raise Your Grandkids

Grandparents open up about being a babysitter in their retirement years. Pat Hebert, 73, of Convent Station, New Jersey, said she retired from her job as a paralegal 11 years ago to babysit her first grandchild. Her own mother and mother-in-law had been the caregivers for her three children. “My thing was to pay it forward,” she said. “I worked …

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Why You Should Take Your Kid on Vacation as Often as Possible

The author’s family at Navy Pier I’ll be the first to admit that the thought of taking my 2-year-old anywhere other than the grocery store gives me a mild amount of anxiety. Even relatively simple jaunts to museums and the grandparents’ houses require a ridiculous amount of planning, packing, and forethought, and quite frankly, sometimes I just don’t want to …

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Why I Want My Sons To See Me Naked

I live with a houseful of boys: four, to be exact. But they’re still relatively young — so there are no nudie mags stashed between mattresses, no stealthily-accessed porn sites that someone forgot to erase out of the Internet history, nothing like that. As much as I’d love to think my kids won’t be curious, I’m well aware that won’t …

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