Saturday , 21 October 2017


Mom Warns About the Common Bedroom Item That Killed Her Infant

Jordan DeRosier, a heartbroken mom from Washington, shared her grief in a Facebook post after suddenly losing her 7-month-old son when he became entangled in his blanket at bedtime. The incident seemed innocent enough at first but resulted in any mother’s worst nightmare. “He was laid down with this blanket made by his great-grandmother, and one other blanket, a grey one he …

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What It’s Like To Help Raise Your Grandkids

Grandparents open up about being a babysitter in their retirement years. Pat Hebert, 73, of Convent Station, New Jersey, said she retired from her job as a paralegal 11 years ago to babysit her first grandchild. Her own mother and mother-in-law had been the caregivers for her three children. “My thing was to pay it forward,” she said. “I worked …

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Why You Should Take Your Kid on Vacation as Often as Possible

The author’s family at Navy Pier I’ll be the first to admit that the thought of taking my 2-year-old anywhere other than the grocery store gives me a mild amount of anxiety. Even relatively simple jaunts to museums and the grandparents’ houses require a ridiculous amount of planning, packing, and forethought, and quite frankly, sometimes I just don’t want to …

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Why I Want My Sons To See Me Naked

I live with a houseful of boys: four, to be exact. But they’re still relatively young — so there are no nudie mags stashed between mattresses, no stealthily-accessed porn sites that someone forgot to erase out of the Internet history, nothing like that. As much as I’d love to think my kids won’t be curious, I’m well aware that won’t …

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The Day I Fell in Love With Having Two Children

When I had my first baby, I was obsessed. I focused in on tiny toes; I sang lullabyes as she fell asleep. It was full-throttle, punch-the-sky-in-jubilee romance. With one baby, after a while you learn to waltz across the floor of life, arm-in-arm, with a kind of practiced, elegant air. After a while, bond solidified, you feel like you can …

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Mom Shares Cost of Son’s Surgery To Highlight Potential Price of Trumpcare

A hospital bill showcases just how essential good health insurance is Healthcare is expensive, even when you’re healthy. When you’re not? You’d better hope you have good insurance. And if Trumpcare passes, you’d better hope you get better quick. Based on one woman’s example, you can’t afford to be sick in Trump’s America. The mother of a boy with a …

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Breastfeeding: A Dad’s Perspective

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. That’s the approach we adopted with breastfeeding. It is by no means a walk in the park and trust me – no matter what everyone says, it’s tough. The message (even if it is somewhat archaic now) of “breast is best” puts an unprecedented amount of pressure on women to …

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