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Ginger Prepared In This Way Prevents Cancer, Treats Arthritis, Stomach Aches, And Reduces Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels!

There are so many people that suffer from joint pain, sore muscles and aching back. Luckily, the nature gave us ginger which is a powerful root containing numerous health benefits. According to many clinical trial and studies, ginger root can provide significant help to people who suffer from degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis or chronic pain. People use ginger root to …

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8 Weird Defense Mechanisms Your Body Uses

Your body is in constant self-preservation mode, that is a fact. Like a frustrated mom, it’s constantly cleaning up after you and trying to protect you from anything dangerous. Many of the techniques it utilizes often go unnoticed by us and we take them for granted. The next time your body does any of these things however, you’ll recognize them …

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Vaxxed Producer: We Are Killing Our Children

Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree speaks out about the current poisoning of our children by Big Pharma. Vaccines Are The New Tuskegee Experiment Minister Tony Muhammed of the Nation of Islam exposes how vaccines target and attack young black boys. San Antonio DA Speaks Out Against Toxic Vaccines Infowars reporter Rob Dew ( @DewsNewz ) interviews Nico Lahood DA for Bexar …

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This Mom’s IVF Pregnancy Announcement Shows the Struggle and Joy of TTC

The amazing photo celebrates the mom-to-be’s twin pregnancy after years of IVF—and 452 needles! Lauren and Garyt Walker prayed for a a baby for 953 days. That’s 2 years, 7 months, 1 week, 2 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes, and 39 seconds, to be exact. And the journey included 452 Needles, thousands of tears, one corrective surgery, four clomid/letrozole attempts, two IVF rounds, …

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Ghee?

Ayurveda claims that ghee has a host of health and cooking benefits and is beneficial for both the mind and the spirit. Ghee is made by a simple process of boiling butter and then removing the butterfat, leaving behind the proteins (casein and whey) and the milk solids (which includes lactose). This is known as clarified butter. If eaten in …

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Groundbreaking Yale Study Links Vaccines and Numerous Brain Disorders In Children

A groundbreaking new study has found a significant correlation between flu vaccines and a variety of mental disorders. Conducted by researchers at Pennsylvania State and Yale University, the study sought to determine “whether antecedent vaccinations are associated with increased incidence of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia nervosa (AN), anxiety disorder, chronic tic disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, major depressive disorder, and …

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