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What Pregnant Women Should Eat In Different Gestation Period?

What future mothers should eat in each trimester of pregnancy? 1st Trimester – Green vegetables, eggs, meat and bananas. Spinach and kale are loaded with folic acid and iron. Folic acid is especially important for the formation of the neural tube in the fetus. Eggs and meat are a treasure trove of protein, while the banana perfect source of potassium, …

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Which Products Can Be Consumed By Babies Aged Between 10-12 Months

  The nutrition of the baby of 10 months consisting of breastfeeding (600 ml formula milk), a fruit snack, lunch (meat with vegetables), juice after lunch as a snack (not milk because of absorption of iron), cereals for breakfast or dinner. Between meals milk-lactation (morning, noon, afternoon, evening before going to bed 4-5 times a day). Always give to your …

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Three Easy And Quick Meals For Baby

We present you recipes for preparing meals in which your baby will enjoy, and which are preparing in a very simple and quick way. If you do not have a lot of time to prepare a complete meal for your child, we suggest you to make one of these three meals: grilled vegetables, yogurt of peach or avocado mash Your …

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Cold And Cough Home Remedies for Children

    The baby coughs, sneezes and his nose run. If you are not using medicines (for children cough, cold medicines are no longer recommended for children under 4 years), you can easily feel like you are not doing anything for your dearest. Do not be afraid! There are many natural medicines with which you can try: Take care of nose …

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Be Careful In Which Position Your Child Sits

One of the commonest positions in which small children are sitting is the so-called W position. Child sits on the floor with legs bent at the knees, and each of legs is turned onto its side forming a shape like the letter W. Whenever you notice your child seated in such a position you would have to warn him and …

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Tips For Pregnant Women – How To Cope With Hot Weather

There are numerous reasons why pregnant women do not tolerate high temperatures. With more weight and a large amount of water in the body, the summer days can be real hell. But here’s what you need to do: Clothes Wear clothes which is from natural materials and light colors. Synthetics are not recommended because in it you would spur and …

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Mother’s big influence on her daughter’s confidence

Many experts agree that the greatest gift we can give our daughter to be happy and successful in life is the strongly self-confidence. What research shows, however, is that the level of  mom’s confidence and the way in which she acts and express to herself has a large impact on doughter’s confidence. Here is what can you do to have …

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Delicious Shake For Stimulating Lactation

There are many natural ways which increase the amount of milk in the mother’s breast, so we offer you a recipe for a simple shake with which for sure you will have enough food for your baby.A lot of mums with a strong desire for breastfeeding unfortunately have problems with a lack of milk.Oats, almond milk, brewer’s yeast and flax …

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Leg cramps during pregnancy, how to help yourself?

  Leg cramps usually occur during the second trimester. As it goes pregnancy and belly increases so will they. The most common are during the night (but not excluded to occur during the day) and are extremely intensive and painful and often can disrupt sleep. There are several reasons for their occurrence. Leg muscles get tired easily of carrying the …

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