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10 Dollar-Store Crafts That Double As Easter Decor

Get your house ready for the Easter bunny with these budget-friendly projects. Egg Art This super inexpensive glitter egg masterpiece will be the perfect addition to your Easter mantel. Tutorial here. Bunny Wreath This blogger only spent $8 in supplies to create this unique holiday wreath. Get the tutorial at Clumsy Crafter. Easter Egg Wreath Most wreaths either cost too …

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How to Make the Ultimate Indoor Fort Your Kids Will Love

Feeling stir-crazy? Here are 5 wintertime activities that will help you build the ultimate indoor forts for the whole family to enjoy!   This time of year can drag on endlessly. Holiday cheer is behind us, and now we’re just staring down at another few months of winter weather. That’s no reason to feel gloomy, though! In Scandinavian countries (and …

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This Genius Mom Turned Her Kids’ Old Swing Set Into a Lounge for Grown-Ups

After dropping hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars on a backyard swing set, it just doesn’t make sense to chuck it once your kids outgrow it. Instead, take a cue from this genius blogger and transform it into a fun piece of backyard lounge furniture for adults. Simply by installing some clever upgrades, DIY expert and contractor Brittany …

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30 brilliant ideas for transforming your home

Here, we’ve collected some of the most radical ideas out there. To make these a reality, you’d have to knock down walls, lay new pipes, change the design of your windows and buy new furniture. If you’re prepared to go this far, we hope that these 30 crazy and awesome ideas for radically transforming your home will prove useful. For big gatherings Creating a ’cavity’ in the centre of a room makes gatherings …

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How To Make Liquid Hand Soap -Recipe

Liquid Hand Soap… I got enough questions about if this would work as a liquid hand soap that I decided to create a recipe specifically for liquid hand soap. This is not only cost effective (a $3 to $4 bar of premium natural soap will make up to a gallon of soap), but simple and more natural than regular soap. …

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DIY – Natural Blush Makeup Recipe

Cosmetics are a major source of exposure to toxins for many people, and making your own cosmetics and adopting a natural skin care routine for your skin type can go a long way toward reducing this exposure. Homemade cosmetics are easier than you would expect to make yourself and herbal ingredients are actually good for the skin and don’t expose …

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Creative and helpful – furniture of pallets for a day

  Comfortable and durable wood furniture you can make from new or used palettes that in warehouses you can get or buy at very low prices. All you need is to come up with any piece of furniture you want and to determine the appropriate dimensions. Standardized “Euro” pallet are made of beech wood and are well designed so it …

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Inspirative Wall Decorations In The Form Of Wood

Decorate the walls with stickers or templates with wood motif, painting or decorating the walls with real branches can be beautiful and inspiring ideas. Imagine a tree with branches, leaves, birds and butterflies that brings life to any room in your home. Whether it is real or painted, only decoration on the wall, or there is a useful purpose, the …

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