Sunday , 21 January 2018

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The Fear Of Dying, Or Losing Loved Ones, Haunts Me Every Day

It’s 4:30 p.m., and my husband is not home. He has not called. He has not texted. He has not mentioned working late. He teaches public school, and his usual walk-in-the-door time is around 3:45 p.m. I start to spiral. Logically, a student or parent kept him late. But my brain is not logical, not now, not when he is …

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Dad’s App Stops Your Kid’s Phone From Working Until They Answer Your Text

It locks the phone until they reply to dad’s message One of the reasons parents give their kids cell phones is so they can check in on them. Unfortunately, teens aren’t always as conscientious and responsive as parents would like them to be. One dad is forcing the issue with a new app. The United Kingdom’s Metro has the story of Nick Herbert, who …

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Stop Telling Parents Of Black Children That Racism Doesn’t Exist

Proctor and Gamble takes on racism in its new ad — and is met with outrage. Proctor and Gamble has released an ad that’s been met with praise — and also outrage. The two-minute ad depicts black parents — in various times from past to present, and in various stages of their child’s life — addressing the racism they may …

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Little Girls In China Photographed Modeling Lingerie In “Victoria’s Secret-Style” Fashion Show

Photos surfaced online over the weekend of girls in China as young as 5 years old walking in a “Victoria’s Secret-style” fashion show. The girls are seen wearing lingerie, head pieces and costumes—reminiscent of the same outfits (or lack thereof) that the famous Victoria’s Secret angels wear each year. Watch the video on Yahoo The photos triggered outrage across the globe …

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Transgender man shares his joy after giving birth to a baby son with his gay husband after suffering a devastating miscarriage last year

A transgender Oregon man is overjoyed after giving birth to his first biological child this month. Trystan Reese, 34, was born a girl — but despite beginning hormone therapy a decade ago, he has kept his ‘original parts’, enabling him to get pregnant. Now, after experiencing the heartbreak of a miscarriage last year, he and his husband Biff Chaplow have finally …

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America, Take A Good, Hard Look At What You’re Doing To Working Mothers

Americans may have the edge on Olympic medals, fast food chains and Broadway musicals, but we’re severely lacking in the parental leave department. In Sweden, women are given a full year off to heal properly and bond with their child(ren). If they have more than one child, they are given that same amount of time per child. In the United …

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Desperate Moms Parody ‘Despacito’ To Lament Their Slow-Moving Kids

“Come on let’s go, or we’ll be late again. How’d you lose your shoes, you were just wearin’ them.” Odds are you’ve heard the song of the summer, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee ― and the remix featuring Justin Bieber. Now, the radio hit has gotten the mom treatment. The parenting-themed YouTube channel, Laughing Moms, parodied the song to …

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Ladies, Here’s Some Help Getting Your Husbands Off The Damn Toilet

No more 40-minute poop breaks, guys Isn’t it annoying to hear the term “man cave” when every woman who lives with a man knows they already have one and it’s the freaking bathroom? Men take up residence on the toilet like they’re clocking in for work, spending interminable amounts of time “pooping” when we all know they’re actually “avoiding helping the kids …

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Vegans, Bad Parents, And Buttholes Make Up The Weirdest Story You’ll Read Today

Sometimes less is more unless we are talking buttholes then none, please You know the old saying “If you want to know if someone is vegan, don’t worry, they’ll tell you?” Well, a vegan café owner is becoming infamous over a bad review  – not of their food, but of their buttholes. Actually, we take that back. Just one butthole seems to be the center of …

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