Monday , 21 August 2017

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Queen Bee- She is dancing with 12 000 bees on her body

Many people around the world performed many unusual things because of pleasure, popularity or money. Sometimes you wonder how they came up with ideas. Maybe you flee from just one bee that you see near, but Sarah Mapei (44) enjoys a topless dance with 12,000 bees on her. She considered it for meditation and calming the mind. Executes very carefully, …

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She Left Her Baby Only With Pit Bill- Look What Happened

Often is discussed bad about pit bulls, but in most cases the owners are responsible for their dogs. This dog is the best example. Baby Elliott and Pitbull Gemma are inseparable friends. Gemma acceded to the baby and began to lick while for the baby that was the most funny thing in the world. Her reaction will make you laugh …

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Mum With The Biggest Belly Gave Birth To The Biggest Twins

Alison Cooper (34) gave birth to enormous twins. According to the size of the stomach, which she had, she expected the babies to be big, but she had no idea how big. Together they weighed  seven kilograms. Alison Cooper from Worthing, England had a lot of troubles with her big belly during pregnancy, and now has a bittersweet with her …

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How Mother’s Body Really Looks Without Photoshop

Photographer through realistic and intimate photos show how the body of mothers really looks after childbirth, with the idea to increase the confidence of women, to emphasize the beauty of the changes through which passes the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding and show that the female body comes in all sizes and shapes. Taboas Liliana, a mother of two, has …

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10 Everyday Uses for Thieves Essential Oil

Have you ever heard of Thieves essential oil blend? Chances are you have a friend who raved about it, or a family member who swears by it. Well, I’m here to demystify it for you and explain what it is and what it can do for you. I’ll also explain how to order and where to get Thieves essential oil (trust me, …

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Words that heal all: Wise story that everyone should read!

Once a saint was walking on nature and as it passed a small village, he approached a woman, all in tears, begging him to come and help her sick son. He went with her, and the whole village gathered around him because such a person is not seen every day. They brought the sick child, and he spoke a prayer …

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