Saturday , 25 November 2017

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Surprised Your Children With This Homemade Kinetic Sand

If your children want to play with sand, but you just do not want its presence in the house, then enable your children perfect entertainment in cold days and clean house at the same time – make kinetic sand for them. Kinetic sand is very similar to ordinary sand but also so different. His phenomenon is that in some strange …

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Unbelievable Ways To Reuse Old Items

We often have things in our home that we do not use, and they only in vain stand and wait to see a little light of day. A good way to reuse and to facilitate the work of Mother Nature’s recycling, in which the old items will get a new purpose and become useful again. Here are 23 great ideas. …

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20 Great Ideas On How To Decorate Your Home With Firewood

For those who use electrical heat, this may sound weird, but there’s nothing sweeter than a warm fire and firewood that shoot while out is cold. However, like any enjoyment so this, it come with a flaw – lack of space to store wood and permanent dirt. To solve this problem you need a few great ideas out of the …

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DIY: Table Made Of Wooden Crates

If you need a coffee table for your home, you do not need to throw a lot of money on buying new. With little investment and effort, you can make a great table for your home. Necessary things: 4 wooden crates 2 long laths 4 wheels screws dark brown color driller Method of creation: 1. Adjust the crates as on …

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