Wednesday , 13 December 2017

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Father Learned To Do His Doughter’s Hair After Becoming A Single Parent

Father, who lives alone with his daughter and constantly beautifies her with new hairstyles, decided to share his knowledge with other fathers. He organizes free classes on which allows other fathers to not only improve their hairdressing skills, but also to spend quality time with their daughters. Felipe Morges became a single parent when his daughter Emma had only one …

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Photo Which Has Attracted Public Attention: Baby Surrounded By Syringes

Powerful photo, which in a great way describes the pain and joy of in vitro fertilization, sentimentalize thousands of people throughout the world and encourage them to share their experiences. On the picture female baby sleep peacefully on the bed surrounded by hundreds of syringes in the form of heart aThey were used by the baby’s mother, Angela, during several …

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When Breastfeeding Is Prohibited In Public

A Simple question. Would you eat in the toilet – in places where moms have to hide and feed their babies? Each mom who has ever been thrown out of a pool, a restaurant or a supermarket because she had to feed the baby will recognize herself in the photographs of the project “When nature calls.” Within this social project, …

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10 Autumn-DIY ideas For Your Home In Which You Will Fall In Love

Autumn have just arrived, and together with it also a lot of inspiration for home decoration precisely in its tone. Multivalued, sumptuous, full of emotion and painted color range from brown to orange – autumn is a season that has its own special charm and because of what we love it. Do you want a touch of autumn in your …

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10 Tricks That Will Permanently Remove Clutter In Your Kitchen

Kitchen is definitely favorite part of our home, but also a place where form follows function. Consequently it is necessary to keep the things in kitchen under control, in order to disorganization would not lead us to too much clutter. Sometimes we are in too much hurry and we just do not get to make organization in our favorite place …

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These Photos Men Were Considered For “Disgusting.” What Do You Think About?

Breastfeeding can be an art, especially if is immortalized in front of camera. The mother and artist Jade Bill took photos of different mothers while they were breastfeeding their children This artist success using the camera to notice the most intimate moments between mothers and their babies. Soon after she has published photos of her Facebook page, because of the …

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Video : Doctor gives baby an injection in a lovely way

Most of the parents knows well how hard is to give an injection to the young child. Are they afraid of look of the needles or sting really hurts them so much ,it is not known, but the screams and crying are inevitable in a large number of children. But one doctor has discovered the perfect method to it that …

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Three Typical Female Problems And Solutions For Them

You have a headache? Think of the worst? Just relax. Some symptoms can turn you into a hypochondriac. Important thing is to not panic. Symptoms: You are constantly tired If you are average employed woman and mother though, the most common cause of fatigue is lack of sleep or free time. Another reason may be lack of iron in the …

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