Monday , 21 August 2017

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Kitchen Myths

  Myth 1. Putting a plastic container in the microwave oven is harmful. Truth: Some people consider that the plastic, when is placed in a microwave oven, frees cancer-causing elements. But no need to worry. On packaging of food must to write if its package is adapted for cooking in a microwave oven. If it is allowed, you should not …

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Creative Campaign Reminds Nursing Mothers And Pregnant Women On The Importance Of Healthy Eating

New impressive campaign raises awareness among women about the importance of healthy nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. In the pictures, created for Brazilian pediatric association are shown babies who are suckling the breast of their mothers. The breast of the three mothers are drawn by one unhealthy product – a cheeseburger, donut and soda – and the babies are photographed …

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How To Make Fried Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS Eight balls of ice cream (optionally flavored) 3 cups crushed cornflakes 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp sugar 3 egg whites oil PREPARATION Put the ice cream into a bowl and place in refrigerator for 1 hour to harden. In a bowl mix the cornflakes, sugar and cinnamon. In another bowl beat the egg whites. Remove the ice cream balls …

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Wonderful Idea – Make Birthday Mug Cake For Kids

Is known that children’s imagination has no limits and that their creativity is exceptional. If you give them a suitable material with which can play around and do something, you will be surprised of their curiosity, skill and joy that occurs when they create something with his hard work. Enormous is the happiness on a child’s face to which you …

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Differences In Rearing The First And The Second Child

When second child comes, everything becomes more relaxed. One mother has selected most sympathetic differences in rearing their two children. After the birth of your first child, you have had more energy and you were curious about everything that can ensure perfect childhood for your child. You have bought various manuals and have consulted with other mothers, is not ?! …

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How To Teach Your Child To Swim

Swimming develops the body, increases immunity, affects on the motor skills and adjustment of movements, increases lung capacity, corrects posture and strengthens the musculature. Parents should teach their children to swim even after they turn four years, because only then they can go under water. With small children you should play fun games in a shallow pool. Show them how …

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Happy Parent – Happy Child

If we take into account the specific research about important rules that should be observed for proper upbringing of children, undoubtedly we could separate some crucial directions and concrete steps that will enable correctly upbringing of a happy child. If you want your child to be happy firstly try to make happy yourself. Achieving balance in your life is a …

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