Monday , 21 August 2017

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‘I keep looking at her and crying’: Amy Childs is exhausted after 27 HOUR labour that left her needing stitches… as the former TOWIE star plans to eat her placenta and use it as a face cream

She welcomed her first child with boyfriend Bradley Wright at the end of April. And now Amy Childs has admitted she is ‘totally overwhelmed’ by the arrival of her daughter after enduring a gruelling 27 hour labour. The former TOWIE star, 26, has now revealed details of the birth, recalling it as ‘bl**dy painful’ to her fans. Taking to her …

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Trump’s Health Care Bill Passes House. Women, We’re Screwed

Trump’s health care bill just passed in the U.S. House. Everything is terrible Republicans just passed a bill to replace and repeal Obamacare. Now it heads to the Senate, which is also Republican-controlled, so women should probably start planning for how fucked we’re going to be. Really, ladies. Just prepare yourselves. We’ve voted in a woman-hating, woman-assaulting, woman-insulting president, so …

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Photo Of Husband Supporting Wife With Cancer Has The Internet Weeping

In sickness and in health, this couple’s bond is unbreakable. This viral photo of a husband supporting his wife during her cancer treatment is a reminder of what marriage is really about. On April 14, Mackenna Newman, 17, tweeted a photo of her dad Jon posted up outside his wife Marci’s bedroom, writing, “My mom has to stay in her …

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Depression is an Illness, Not a Weakness

While growing up, boys learn what it means to “be a man.” Unfortunately, some of these “manly” teachings can be downright harmful like “big boys don’t cry,” “suck it up,” “tough it out,” and more.  Most boys are taught to ignore or dismiss their feelings—internalizing vulnerability and asking for help as weakness. Boys then grow into men, without ever being …

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No, Dear Husband And Kids, You’re Not Cleaning “For” Me

As we finish our breakfast of homemade waffles and bacon, I watch as my children scatter to various corners of the house. My husband settles on the couch with the baby, and I smile at the sight of her giggling in his arms as I start to clear the table. I stand at my post in the kitchen, where I …

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This Dad’s ‘Maternity’ Photos Are Hilariously Perfect

A dad put his own spin on maternity photos and the results are disturbingly funny A photographer enlisted a friend to pose for some maternity photos and you should take a minute to catch your breath because one you get past the weirdness, you’ll be convulsing with laughter. Photographer Martyn Wilkes had the idea to parody the overwrought maternity photos …

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Why Men Leave Women They Love – What Every Woman Needs To Know

“I’m Not Good At Anything” – Why This Is One BIG Lie If this is something you’ve been saying to yourself lately, stop. Stop it right now because it’s a load of crap. Did you know that with the exception of flaming narcissists and sociopaths, pretty much everyone out there suffers from imposter syndrome? Every single person on the planet …

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