Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Pregnancy & Birth

This Mom’s Nude Post Will Put the Kibosh on Anyone Who Calls Breastfeeding Sexual

Chantel Quick has a serious PSA for anyone who feels that women should be forced to cover up or feel embarrassed for doing what the female body was made to do: breastfeed. Chantel, who’s a doula, gynecological teaching associate, and blogger at Earth Based Mom, explained in an Instagram post how breastfeeding her little one has truly been a liberating experience. “This feels …

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Mom Wakes From C-Section To Find Both Her Legs Amputated

Not even in your wildest dreams would you want anyone to go through this terrible trauma what Ella Clarke, 31 of Torquay, Devon has experienced. Clarke was pregnant with her eighth baby but she had a condition called placenta previa, also known as a low-lying placenta. Midway through her pregnancy, Clarke was told she would have to deliver via C-section. …

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When is a child too old to breastfeed?

Women come under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to breastfeeding. There are those who are shamed for doing it in public, those who are corrected for doing it wrong, and those who are criticized for not doing it at all. And then there are those who continue to do it even when their child is old enough to talk …

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Photo Showing Breast Milk Killing Harmful Bacteria Goes Viral

A photo showing droplets of breast breast milk fending off armies of harmful bacteria in Petri dishes is going viral on Facebook. The photo, posted by a biology student in England, features nine Petri dishes completely colonized with the bacteria M. Luteus, except in the center, where tiny puddles of breast milk have created what looks like “moats” of protection around …

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15 Ways Pregnant Women Can Cause Autism In Their Kids

Autism has become more common over the years, with 1 out of 68 children has autism. That 1 out of 48 boys, and 1 out of 189 girls. There have been numerous suspected causes of autism. Scientists have not been able to figure out what causes it and why it is more prevalent now, than any other time before, nor …

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‘I’ll never forget her’: Photo of a nurse helping a new mom to go to the toilet shortly after she gave birth goes viral, as other women candidly detail their own postpartum moments of need

There are few moments, if any, where women are more vulnerable than right after giving birth, and a viral photo has reminded mothers the invaluable help that nurses offer during the trying time. Texas writer Jill Krause shared an image of the moment a nurse helps a mother on the toilet shortly after she gave birth, along with a message …

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Young carer, 22, who thought she was eight months pregnant was actually only six weeks gone as her giant ‘bump’ was a CYST that killed her baby

A young carer was told she was eight months pregnant but was in fact just six weeks gone – because her ‘baby bump’ was a 30cm cyst that eventually caused her to miscarry. Kirsty Butler, 22, and her boyfriend Celern, 21, were over the moon to discover she was expecting after taking a home test when people began commenting on her …

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