Wednesday , 13 December 2017

Pregnancy & Birth

A Miracle Showed By Colored Placenta Of Triplet

Mother of triplets, Sammi Edes, from Melbourne, who has four children published incredible photograph of her placenta. The photo shows that the survival of her youngest baby is a miracle. Doctors soon as the infants were born they painted the placenta with different colors from the place where  was attached each baby. They remained stunned with the survival of the …

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The Birth Of A New Life: Best Photos Of 2015

Any childbirth hides within its beauty and heaviness, but also wakes up into the parents mix of emotions that can be felt then and never again. Therefore, more and more mothers and fathers choose to perpetuate these moments with professional photographs. International Association of Professional Photographers of births each year organizes a competition that selects the photos that best capture …

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Message of a mother in postpartum depression touched the hearts of women

In recent days, on the Internet is circulating photo of a young mother who was for a short time experienced popularity, but not because of the perfect body after childbirth or due to the irresistible smile of her baby. The first days of motherhood are magical and beautiful for almost every mother, but let’s be honest – they are very …

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Identical Triplets Surprised All Except Their Dad

This happens once in a million. Jody Kinsey (30) from Miles City’s in December gave birth to identical triplets. All three boys are healthy and have a good development. Their father had expected his wife to give birth to twins, because his father has a twin brother. Only every millionth triplets conceived naturally. Proud parents with their triplets When the …

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