Saturday , 25 November 2017

Pregnancy & Birth

Bad News For Anti-Baby Pills. Must Read This If You Use Them !

Unfortunately, oral contraceptives, however good in preventing unwanted pregnancy, should not be used for many years, as is the risk of cancer of the brain. Many years of using the contraceptive pill can to double the risk of brain cancer, research has shown recently, but the Danish scientists said that in reality, the chances of women suffer from such a …

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Why This Photo Have Shocked The World?

This is the photo that shocked the world and raised a big debate. On the photo are shown two mothers with the uniforms of the US Army how are breastfeeding their children. Photograph occurred at the request of a group of women who are members of the organization Mom2MomBreastfeedingCampaign, which fights for women’s rights to breastfeed. They asked two mothers …

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She Is Mother Of Six Children, But Has A Body As A Teen

This woman is living proof that childbirth is just an excuse to forget your body. The stomach does not have to be relaxed, the skin does not have to have stretch marks and for cellulite we do not even speak. 33-year-old Deborah Goodman has six children and looks remarkably well. Deborah Goodman is a wife of a military person, a …

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Powerful Photographs Of Mothers Who Breastfeed Their Children In Public

Photographer Yvette Ivens seeks breastfeeding in public to become generally accepted without judgment.As a mother of two children, she will try and will try breastfeeding to be seen as a completely normal thing, it actually is. “I breastfeed my child where I wanted. From churches to parties, from the markets, to expensive shops. I believe that mothers should have the …

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Gallery: Beautiful Faces Of Women Who Give Birth To Their Child

Swedish photographer Moa Karlberg shot a collection of photographs of women during childbirth. She saw the faces of the women of Europe and Tanzania intended to show the difference between medical care and treatment during childbirth in poor African and European countries. “While the rich European woman receiving medicament that reduce pain during childbirth and other treatments to ease childbirth, …

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