Sunday , 21 January 2018

Pregnancy & Birth

Before Motherhood And After: This Is How You Lose Yourself

Many people will come forth to give you advice before you enter the world of motherhood for the first time. They will tell you things like, “Travel now,” and “Sleep while you can.” If you’re lucky like me, they will even warn you about the added company you’ll have in the bathroom or the significant decrease in shower time. You’ll be …

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Grieving mum says Doppler device gave ‘false reassurance’

A grieving mother has warned pregnant women not to use a home foetal listening device that gave her “false reassurance” her unborn baby was alive. Vicki McNelly, 29, thought she heard the baby moving when she used the Doppler kit but her daughter was stillborn the following day. Manufacturers say the kits are safe and should not be linked to …

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Man’s Reaction To Witnessing Childbirth Is Making The Internet LOL

Man’s reaction to witnessing childbirth goes viral Pregnancy and all the things leading up to the birth of a child are all-consuming for women. So much so, that it’s easy for us to forget that labor can be a terrifying shit-show for men. Yes, we do all the work. Yes, we go through all the pain. But our partners need …

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Pregnancy Is Not an Invitation to Comment on My Body

Last week, I cried almost every day because of comments made about my pregnant belly. Because I’m petite (5’0”) and this is my third pregnancy, I popped even earlier than with my other two children. At nearly 27 weeks, my belly is large and in-charge. Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve had a positive self-image, but lately that confidence has dwindled. Why? Because nearly …

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Inside The Lonely Experience Of Depression After Miscarriage

For many women, pregnancy loss is followed by depression and even PTSD. Why aren’t we talking about it?   In 2014, when she was 20 weeks pregnant, Valerie Meek went in for an echocardiogram and learned that her baby boy had no heart beat. An autopsy and pathology report later revealed there were issues with the placenta, which was simply too …

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Amazing mums: ‘I was diagnosed with cancer when I was pregnant’

In the first of our new series, Amazing Mums, we spoke to author and artist Matilda Tristram, 35, from London, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer when she was four months pregnant with her son, James (both pictured). Here Matilda, whose son James is now four, talks about her cancer battle … and how she was faced with an impossible …

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Mum’s heartbreaking plea as twin daughters end up in hospital after visit from a friend with a cold

A mum has written a heartbreaking post on Facebook after a visit from a sick friend landed her twin daughters in hospital, fighting for their lives. Australian mum-of-four Laura Wallis, 25, issued the warning after her newborn daughters, Harper and Harlow, contracted a deadly virus. The six-week-old babies caught respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a virus often mistaken for the common cold, which …

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