Saturday , 24 June 2017

Pregnancy & Birth

Mom’s Viral Post Slams People Who Think C-Sections Are ‘The Easy Way Out’

A Missouri mom’s viral post is tearing down some ridiculous misconceptions about C-section births. On Aug. 19, Raye Lee, who gave birth to her son Roxas via C-section just five days earlier, posted photos of her post-surgery scar on Facebook. In the caption, she shared a powerful message about the way people tends to view this method of childbirth. Lee begins …

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Woman Pregnant For 17 Months Breaks World’s Record

A Chinese woman identified as Wang Shi carried a full term pregnancy for 17 solid months instead of the standard 9 months, setting a new world record for longest pregnancy ever recorded. Though unintentionally, Wang Shi has set a new world record for the longest term pregnancy in the world. The woman, who is presently 17-months pregnant, has agreed with …

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Oregon parents welcome ‘one in a million’ identical triplets

Call it maternal instincts, but Amber Hills said that even during her pregnancy she rarely got rattled over the idea of becoming a first-time mom to identical triplets. “I was totally calm and collected. It must be the mom hormones or something,” she told TODAY, a week after delivering three daughters via cesarean section. Her boyfriend and the triplets’ father …

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10 mothers who will make you love your body after pregnancy

Young mothers seldom forget how beautiful their bodies are, regardless of the unwanted consequences that come with the pregnancy. If you are one of them, these mothers will encourage you to show your body with pride. After giving birth, the woman’s body is experiencing numerous changes which, although they may disappear quickly, often evoke shame between the new mothers. The …

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“I went out for ice cream and came home with my baby!”

Read Olivia Siegl’s real birth story – she had a pregnancy craving she just couldn’t resist… It was a sunny afternoon in July when I got a craving for an ice cream and some fresh air. I was 34 weeks pregnant. Because my daughter, Eva, had been premature, the doctors wanted to play it safe, so I needed lots of rest …

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Jennifer Lopez pregnant with her third child at age 47

JENNIFER Lopez is every woman’s idol, there is nothing that the superstar can’t handle. So the rumours that she is pregnant at 47 years old don’t surprise us. According to US publication Life & Style, the singer is “over the moon” to be expecting with her long-term boyfriend, Casper Smart. A source reportedly told the mag that Casper, 29, has been begging J-Lo …

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Menopause at 27, then car crash gives mum her miracle baby

After having an early menopause, Kate was told she would never have a child. Then a near-fatal accident did something spectacular to her body… Wow, this is the most amazing ‘miracle baby’ story we’ve heard in a while!  Kate Mansbridge, who is now 43, discovered she was going through the menopause when she was just 27. Being told she wouldn’t …

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