Monday , 21 August 2017

Pregnancy & Birth

Mum gives birth naturally to baby boy, weighing 13 pounds

An Australian mum has given birth to a beautiful baby boy – who weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds! Natashia Corrigan gave birth to the heaviest baby boy at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia, yesterday. At 13.2 pounds (6.06 kilos) and stretching 57 centimetres long, the newborn weighs the same as an average five-month-old. ‘I …

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Stunning Photo Series Urges Moms To ‘Love Your Postpartum’ Body

The photographer’s work is about self-love and feeling beautiful.   All of Mikaela Shannon’s work is focused on self-love, and her latest project is no exception. The Canada-based photographer has been photographing new moms in what she’s calling the “Love Your Postpartum” sessions, and the results are stunning. “All of my work revolves around loving yourself and feeling beautiful,” Shannon …

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Picture shows how pumping a litre of milk affects breast size

A mum has posted a picture on her Instagram account showing how pumping milk affects her boobs. A mum has shared a photo of how her breasts changed after pumping one litre of breast milk. Chi-Chi LaFlare said the picture on the left was taken before her first pump of the day. When you sleep in and wake up not …

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Did This Woman Have the Shortest Labor Ever?

This mom gave birth in just two minutes, and while it might be the shortest labor and delivery ever recorded, a fast or precipitate labor is not always a good thing. An Australian mother wins the award for shortest labor ever after giving birth to her fifth child in two minutes flat. Yes, TWO minutes. And was she surprised? Not …

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Can Giving Birth Permanently Change Your Brain? – YES

Most women admit that something happens to the brain during pregnancy – from failure to appointments with the doctor to forgetting your own telephone number. Scientists say it is probably due to lack of sleep and fatigue. But how do pregnancy and childbirth affect their brains? Watch the video and find out ⇓⇓⇓ In the video of “Discovery News” titled “Can …

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Mother Gives Birth To 17 Babies At Once!

Well, it’s a blessing of God who gives 17 babies – twins –  to one woman. 21st-century record. An American woman has totally annihilated the former World Record for the most babies in one pregnancy by giving birth to seventeen babies over 29 hours last weekend at the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital. Doctors were really surprised, shocked and glad to have a successful delivery. …

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Causes And Treatment For Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Experiencing breast pain during pregnancy can be due to many reasons. Right from hormones, medications, trauma, omega 3 fatty acid deficiency, soft tissue injury to breast engorgement, infection, and cysts, there are many causes. Treatment for Mastalgia involves addressing the root of the problem, while taking into consideration what is safe to do during pregnancy. Read more to know about …

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