Wednesday , 13 December 2017

Child From A New Human Race Who Can See In The Dark

Believe or not there is a young boy in China who has the ability to see clearly in the dark. Watch the video and meet this young boy!

Little Nong Yousui has blue eyes with a neon glow. In the dark, they glow like the cat’s eyes. This kind of eyes does not have even the inhabitants of the Nordic lands. The boy looks in the darkness as we see in the light.
After his teacher told his unusual abilities on the internet, a suspicious reporter from Beijing decided to check the information with the doctor’s help. They subjected Nong  to an experiment in which the information is confirmed . According to specialists , in general, it is not a random change. Namely ,they are not consequences of mutation, but of evolution.

His teacher in the Dahua Primary School said: – “I was told that his eyes are like those of cat’s eyes. When we shined a flashlight on him at night, his eyes flashed back. I asked him if he can see in the dark and he said yes! One time I invited him to catch crickets at night. He told me that he could catch crickets without using a flashlight. “

The journalist who filmed the experiment said that during the experiment, there wasn’t any light in the room; she could not see the people around her.

She said: “We showed him some cards and he had to tell  what they were. This child  immediately told us the correct answers.”


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  1. Crawford undoubtedly was amazed using Quenneville’s 750 is.

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