Friday , 19 January 2018

Chili pepper oil for joint pain: An old cure from our ancestors!

ljute-papricice-i-maslinovo-ulje-1470308587-93666This oil is made of red chili peppers and is a great way to heal radicular pain, myositis, neuralgia, rheumatic and joint pain. Red chili pepper oil belongs in the warming oils group.

This oil has an arousing effect – it widens the capillaries, boosts the blood flow in the upper part of the skin, boosts the metabolism, and activates the process of regeneration of the skin epidermis.

In order to make this oil, you will need:

10 red chili peppers

2 cups of olive oil

1l glass jar




Wash the peppers, cut the stem and blend them. You will get around 1 cup of a pepper mixture. Put the mixture in the jar and add the oil. Put the jar in a dark place. After one week drain the mixture with a plastic drainer. Keep the jar in a fridge and use the mixture as a sauce, and use the red oil for your skin.

In the beginning, rub the oil several times a day when you feel pain in your joints or in other parts of the body. After you rub the oil on your legs, put on a worm pair of socks or stockings. Then you will feel a slight burn on the skin. You can lower the amount of oil with time. After 1-2 months, you can do the process ones a week, if there is a need for it. Keep the oil in a dark place.


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