Monday , 11 December 2017

Creative Campaign Reminds Nursing Mothers And Pregnant Women On The Importance Of Healthy Eating

New impressive campaign raises awareness among women about the importance of healthy nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

In the pictures, created for Brazilian pediatric association are shown babies who are suckling the breast of their mothers. The breast of the three mothers are drawn by one unhealthy product – a cheeseburger, donut and soda – and the babies are photographed so that resemble as they consume of them.

“Your baby is what you eat” – is the message of the campaign, which suggests that while the babies are in the belly and while are suckling, they eat what their mother eat. In addition writes: “Your habits in the first thousand days of pregnancy can protect your child from developing serious diseases.”








Photographs are created by Brazilian agency “Paim”

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  1. This is terrible and shames mothers who already feel enough guilt and stress in their everyday lives. Interesting concept, poor execution. 🙁

    • So totally agreed! You aren’t depriving your baby nutrients. Your body makes perfect milk no matter what you eat… It’s your own body: hair, bones, teeth etc that suffer from a poor diet. Mothers of newborns are tired, depressed, stressed and under enough strain without being wrongly guilted about their diet.

      • You are absolutely wrong about making perfect milk. Impurities are passed through to the baby from the mother.

        • What ‘impurities’? Certain aspects of a mother’s diet pass through into a mother’s milk however it does not decrease the nutrient level or make the milk ‘impure’. Anything that gets into the mother’s bloodstream (e.g. certain medications) can change the milk but it does not decrease the nutritional qualities of the milk. Only if a mother is genuinely malnourished and doesn’t have the nutrients within herself to give, does the milk suffer – and in this case it is very rare that a mother that is so malnourished could afford to pay for formula milk so breastfeeding is still best for baby.

          • Anything that’s bad for YOU is an impurity in your breast milk.

            “Nutrients within herself”? Where do you think those come from? Do you believe that maggots are spontaneously generated from rotting meat, too?

      • What???? How can your body make perfect milk if you eat junk? Whoever told you that didn’t know what they where talking about. And by the way if mom is so stressed already eating better will make her feel better too.

        • The body picks and chooses what goes in the milk, and does away with the rest, its not going to just let everything past. Its all very precise chemical reactions. Its actually quite impressive. Thats how you can eat cheeseburgers and still produce good milk.

          • These comments are clearly from people that have not breastfed or been the spouse of a breastfeeding mother. You must eat a minimum of 3000 calories a day to produce or you will pass out. If you think you will be able to do that while eating salad and apples, you’re sadly mistaken. Breast milk is not fattening. It is actually mostly water. So this campaign is only correct for pregnant women but not nursing women.

          • Yes Mash some people here have not taken Anatomy and Physiology but you got it. This is horrible and so are the assumptions!

          • You’re dumb. I’m sure you also think that smoking and drinking while pregnant is okay, too, because the body filters that out, right?

        • @Mash, there was recently a couple arrested on child neglect and abuse charges because the mother did cocaine and breastfeed her child 8 hours later. The child was taken to the ICU because it had cocaine in it’s system. Whatever you ingest, so does your baby. Your body does not pick and choose anything.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Terrible way of shaming mothers!

    • I so agree with you guys. This is wrong.

    • I think this is awesome…I been breastfeeding for a year and I don’t feel shame or guilt about anything what are you talking about?

      • People are just upset because the foundation of this campaign is a lie and may cause many mothers to not breastfeed for fear that their milk is not good enough. Breastmilk is made from blood so your baby does not eat what you do. Also your milk gets priority for your nutrients. You are right to not feel shame, but this campaign was meant to cause it.

        • What do you think your blood is made from?

        • Exactly! This campaign could make new mothers, and seasoned ones too, feel bad because they may not eat right, that they just shouldn’t breastfeed their child. I don’t like salads, I don’t like fruits, but I love veggies & meat. In response to What I don’t like, I take viamins to replace those nutrients me & my child are losing because I don’t eat that healthy.

      • Me too great campaign! ! Breast fed both mine for 1.5 years I know the importance of quality food for my milk and mind

      • Agreed, people are way too sensitive these days, this is only meant to be a “heads up”…informative. Pick and choose your battles folks.

    • It should be taken in a positive way. I see it as encouragement to eat healthy rather than shaming the mother who eats unhealthy junk foods.

      If you enjoy a little junk food now and then, it won’t hurt your breastfeeding baby. It’s not that nursing moms need to eat a perfect diet to make nutritious milk for their baby. The truth is, skipping a meal, skimping on vegetables, or occasionally drinking a soda will not harm the quality of your milk. If your diet is temporarily deficient in a nutrient, you’ll continue to make nutritious breast milk by depleting your body’s own reserves.

      That doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of junk food while you’re breastfeeding. Saturated and trans fats (which are in a lot of junk food) can alter the composition of your breast milk and possibly harm the health of your baby.

    • Thos would be so much better if they had taken a positive approach. Showed healthy food options rather than umhealthy food options.

    • How does this shame mothers at all? Even remotely?
      It is letting mothers know that it is important for their baby’s health that they eat healthy and get lots of good vitamins and nutrients instead of sugars and empty calories.
      It’s a similar concept to telling pregnant women that drinking alcohol might hurt the baby, or labeling various drugs and medications as “not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers” because it can transfer to the child through the breast milk. This time frame is when the child is developing most rapidly, so what they consume is highly important. This is why there are so many studies done on nursing from the mother vs. formula or substitute milk. The nutrient content is VERY IMPORTANT, and your body can only work with what it’s given. This advertisement is aiming to spread information and help. There is nothing in this ad to “shame” mothers.

    • I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Cute pictures but this is a lie. Your baby gets everything they need no matter what you eat! Your body filters out the bad and ONLY gives the good, even if that means it takes it from you. Please don’t let this scare you into not breastfeeding!

    • What?!?!? So our bodies filter out alcohol? Drugs? We only provide the good to our babies?!? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It is also extremely dangerous to feed a baby under that belief. It is not a lie. It is 100% accurate. Please take some nutrition classes or counseling.

      This is great and women should be aware of, and responsible for, what they feed their babies.

      • Breastmilk is made from the blood not the stomach contents. Anyone who knows much of anything about breastfeeding knows that. So yes it is a lie that what we eat is what our babies get. Also alcohol content in breastmilk happens to be the same as the blood alcohol level and there are actually not nearly as many drugs that affect breastmilk as you seem to think. Maybe you should be doing your research

        • Bm IS NOT MADE FROM BLOOD JESUS LEARN SOME BIOLOGY!!! I bf and am bf my 2yr old bm is made by breast tissue and takes nutrients from the blood supply transported to them as does every other cell and organ in your body. Those cells and organs are not made from blood either!! Please explain things properly. That being said, these photos are totally inaccurate, women who way shed loads of sugar don’t have sweeter milk, those who love on burgers don’t have fattier milk!! If they had pills and syringes painted on their boobs it may be more accurate.

          • It is made from blood… same with all milk from all animals. #biology

          • You just contradicted yourself moron. you literally said its not made from blood then described that its made from the blood.

          • Not what that person said, they said it IS made from blood not from what you eat. Of course drugs and alcohol affect the blood and BM but eating a cheese burger or drinking a soda does not. Regardless this ad is rude and offensive. Eating whatever you want is your own choice and NO it is not bad for the baby. Because our bodies do act as a filter for anything Unless it’s in the bloodstream.

        • Food affects the blood stream. High blood sugar for example.

          • Agreed, but only if you have an illness, blood sugars fluctuate slightly throughout the day but in myself for example, a healthy woman, my blood sugar won’t go ridiculous if I eat a packet of doughnuts, it will rise but will then be dealt with by my healthy body but it won’t make my milk any sweeter at all.

          • Liz… “Only if you have a disease”? Who told you that? Not a doctor, surely.

            If you eat NOTHING but donuts and other gross food, then those bad nutrients will get into your breast milk. I don’t know where you’ve gotten it into your head that the flavor matters.

        • Any body with common sense knows that what you eat supplies your blood with nutrients to supply it through the your body. There for a poor nurtured mothers blood supply makes poor nurtured milk. As well all drugs are in the blood stream before the kidneys. Wow you really know your stuff

      • Milk composition does not really change. Stays pretty consistent regardless of mothers diet.

        • Mothers who eat lots of coconut oil for example have a much higher amount of medium chain fatty acids in their milk, something that most babies don’t get enough of because most peoples’ diets are deficient in them.

      • Oh good grief. We all know that what we eat passes through to the babies. Calm down. But guilting mothers is not the way to do it. Offering simple healthy alternatives is better

      • Shut up! Anyone with any sence knows what you eat isnt passed to the baby, my own midwife told me this!

      • The way I see it is the those who are offended or feel this post is shameful and probably the ones who have a crappy diet. While it is true that our bodies will continue to produce milk with nutrients it takes from our bodies it is untrue that it will filter out the bad things consumed like drugs and alcohol. The milk produced can also lack nutrients if the mother has an unhealthy diet and is lacking proper nutrients in her own body. The milk can have high sugar, sodium, cholesterol content if the mothers diet consists of junk food, candy, fried foods, etc. If a mother drinks alcohol he milk will have alcohol in it. If she smokes there will be nicotine. If she does drugs so does’s the baby. These mother’s who are having a fit over this post should take a good inventory of themselves and ask themselves, “What am I doing that is causing me to take offense to this post?”

    • Not true…and because mothers think like this babies don’t get what they need try again and this time don’t use Google

      • Absolutely true. I used my masters in nutrition and more than 6 years nursing my kids.

        I suppose nicotine doesn’t get to the baby either because we filter that out.

        • It is safer to smoke and breastfeed than to smoke and formula feed.

          There are very few (legal) drugs that are contraindicated with breastfeeding and for those few there are almost always alternatives.

          Alcohol is not contraindicated with breastfeeding. A woman has to be extremely drunk for enough alcohol to reach her milk that it will affect her baby. At that level of intoxication, no one ought to be caring for a baby.

          Having a masters in nutrition is not the same thing as having evidence based breastfeeding knowledge and that knowledge of how breastfeeding works doesn’t come from breastfeeding for x years. If you want to fact check the above then I recommend you go to, best for babes, or Dr Jack Newman.

          • Just because you breastfeed doesn’t mean you know how breastfeeding works. You know how to DO it, but so does a cow with half a brain.

            So yeah, a Masters in nutrition isn’t the same as knowledge from breastfeeding.
            It’s infinitely better.

    • Why do think that when you drink orange juice or coffee or anything acidic really your baby is more likely to spit up or get acid reflux? It’s because your body doesn’t “filter out the bad stuff”. I’m not bashing on you or anything of the sort but I would better research things like this so if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to breastfeed in the future you’ll know what to eat and not to eat or drink! ☺️

      • Amanda you are so right. It amazes me what outdated information people have

      • Oh dear God! People just believe what they want to believe. Our bodies can only make decent breast milk if we put decent food into them. MeLissa is right, women have been noticing that what they eat affects their babies for thousands of years! We are what we eat and our babies get inferior milk if we eat crap. Probably still better than formula unless you eat a really shitty diet . People want to do what they want and not have any consequences. Well it doesn’t always work that way. And by the way what is up with all this ‘shaming’ crap?? Take responsibilitity for your actions. This younger generation is selfish, irresponsible, and they act like narcissistic brats. If you want children, grow up and be responsible and feed them right.

    • It’s that sort of belief that gives mums an excuse to allow toxicities levels in their body to be justified. If woman care about their baby then they need to care about themselves. Google ” toxic breast milk”

      • So true! Pregnant woman saying they can eat what they want because they are pregnant and end up with gestational diabetes from extreme levels of sugar. Very sad.

        • Yea, well I didn’t eat terribly at all & I ended up with gestational diabetes. You don’t have to have a terrible diet to get gestational diabetes!

    • Includinh cigarettes and alcohol?

    • Seriously Amanda??!!!! U scare me!!! I’m worried for your children. If u don’t have any yet, pls educate urself with a learned nutritionist b4 conceiving!!! So U say it’s fine to have a couple of cigarettes every day & drink a half bottle of JD with a family bucket of KFC plus a few joints to ease ur pregnancy/post partum nerves b4 bed? & your miraculous body is goin to filter out the nicotine, alcohol, weed & excess sugar/salt before passing ” THE GOODNESS” to ur baby??!!!! OMG!!!
      U need to watch Dr Michael Mosley’s documentaries to educate urself!!!! Shame u said all tht!!!! *rolling eyes*

    • Love this. Thank you.

    • It does not only give you the good. It’s not meant to scare women it’s meant to encourage to eat better while breastfeeding. Your body doesn’t filter everything.

    • This is not true…simply put. If your body filters out all the “bad” then why does alcohol still get transferred into your milk supply?

    • You’re not magical just because you launched something out of your baby holster.

  3. Amanda you should do better research. In utero the developing fetus is partially protected by the placenta . However, everything you consume is excreted through breast milk. Antibiotics, pesticides, drugs, alcohol, caffeine etc. you get the picture . Have you ever heard “if you’re pregnant or nursing tell your doctor?” This is also why the same disclaimer is printed on OTC meds, herbs and even vitamins. Absolutely not true that your body filters out harmful substances. This is an excellent illustration. People need to step up to the plate and be responsible for their babies and nurse- while eating a wholesome diet.

    • Why do think that when you drink orange juice or coffee or anything acidic really your baby is more likely to spit up or get acid reflux? It’s because your body doesn’t “filter out the bad stuff”. I’m not bashing on you or anything of the sort but I would better research things like this so if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to breastfeed in the future you’ll know what to eat and not to eat or drink! ☺️

    • Thats actually incorrect. Breastmilk filters out a lot more than the placenta. Which is why it is perfectly safe to consume alcohol.

      • Melissa, it does. And there is maybe trace amount of alcohol in breast milk. Less than the naturally occurring alcohols in Apple juice. The reason behind not drinking is because of the inability to care for the child, not because it’ll get your baby drunk. ‘If you’re ok to drive, you are ok to breastfeed’. If you can safely care for the kid, you’re fine. I eat all kinds of acidic and crappy food and my daughter is a very healthy size and weight for her age, and reading milestones like a champ. Oh, and she’s still breastfeeding at 20 months.

      • Kayla you must be drinking too much alcohol if you think it is perfectly ok to drink while nursing. I have worked in a peds ICU (pediatric intensive care unit in case u didn’t know) and I have seen many nursing infants come in with elevated levels of alcohol. Gee, how did that get there? My baby only breastfeeds. Ding dong anyone home? Yes, I drink but I was told by “someone” that it cant pass on in breastmilk. Holy shit people WAKE UP!!!!! What goes into your body passez on to your baby either in the uterus or through the breast milk. Just ask the doctor. Although They might turn you in for child abuse.

        • Have you read the recent studies on this? And did you actually read the comment you’re replying to. Doesn’t seem like it…

        • Hmm mm m Kim I smell something!!!! In my time in a&e I’ve never seen a nursing child admitted with any blood alcohol levels, unless someone had actually fed a child it, which I’m not saying has never happend but hasn’t on my shift! !

      • Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. For one thing, a fluid cannot filter anything out of itself. It has to go through a filter, such as the liver, which, correct me if I’m wrong, only filters blood.

  4. EXACTLY what Melisha said….. the end…. and I breastfed both my girls.

    • Those disclaimers are because they have not been tested on pregnant women and babies – because ethically they cannot be and because of company insurance.

      What you eat affecting your baby is largely a myth and a very pervasive one. It is safer to eat all that junk and breastfeed than it is to eat all that junk and formula feed.

      Comparing what filters through the placenta with what filters through breastmilk is comparing two very different physiological systems. Like comparing how the kidney works with how the small intestines work. :-/

      This ad is about putting women off breastfeeding using the pervasive myth as a hook and the responses here show how insidious and effective it is.

      Of course it is better to eat well and breastfeed but an unhealthy diet does not affect the quality of your milk. This is a system that evolved over millions of years. The majority of human existence has been on a knife edge with famine. Eating a bad diet is its own form of under nutrition – breastfeeding can survive this too!

      • What on god’s green earth makes you think that breast milk is always perfect no matter what? Where do you think the nutrients come from? Thin air? The ether?

        Just because the system has evolved over millions of years doesn’t mean it’s flawless. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have tonsils or appendices anymore, but we do.

        Mothers in the starving regions of Africa also have starving babies, because guess what? Their milk is either devoid of any nutrients, or non-existent! Why? Because the mothers aren’t eating.

        If eating nothing means your baby gets nothing, then what do you think eating garbage is going to get for your baby?

        That’s right, garbage.

    • Those disclaimers are because they have not been tested on pregnant women and babies – because ethically they cannot be and because of company insurance.

      What you eat affecting your baby is largely a myth and a very pervasive one. It is safer to eat all that junk and breastfeed than it is to eat all that junk and formula feed.

      Comparing what filters through the placenta with what filters through breastmilk is comparing two very different physiological systems. Like comparing how the kidney works with how the small intestines work. :-/

      This ad is about putting women off breastfeeding using the pervasive myth as a hook and the responses here show how insidious and effective it is.

      Of course it is better to eat well and breastfeed but an unhealthy diet does not affect the quality of your milk. This is a system that evolved over millions of years. The majority of human existence has been on a knife edge with famine. Eating a bad diet is its own form of under nutrition – breastfeeding can survive this too!

  5. I agree you need to watch what you eat and drink. After I had my son I was on a coke kick. First baby so I didn’t know any better. He had the worst case of diarrhea. It was horrible and I felt so guilty, but I learned it absolutely matters.

  6. Hahaha. This is such crap! I wish people could do some research before posting false information on something that is already fighting to exists. breast is best no matter what the mother eats.

    • Breast is better then formula, but could it be that nutritious breast milk is better than McDonald’s influenced breast milk?

  7. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc are NOT properly trained in human lactation!
    No, not all the bad is filtered from our bodies but our babies DO only get what they need!
    You cannot overfeed a breastfed baby and anyone who has done any type of research will tell you so.

    Dr Jack Newman is an absolutely amazing man who knows the ins and outs of breastfeeding.
    Anyone with a shadow of a doubt should look into him.

    This ad campaign is ridiculous.

  8. Acrually, both sides are correct…no need to bash each other. Alcohol will get into breast milk and to a baby while some other things such as milk thistle doesn’t make it into the milk but will effect the supply by increasing it. Green tea will decrease milk supply while fennel will increase it. Neither will make the milk taste any different but does have an impact. That is why women are told to talk to their doctor about supplements, dieting etc. The human body is pretty amazing and though drinking while breast feeding is totally discouraged, a small amount won’t hurt the breast milk…I’m talking an ounce or less.

    • there is maybe trace amount of alcohol in breast milk. Less than the naturally occurring alcohols in Apple juice. The reason behind not drinking is because of the inability to care for the child, not because it’ll get your baby drunk. ‘If you’re ok to drive, you are ok to breastfeed’. If you can safely care for the kid, you’re fine.

  9. I’m confused. Are these images trying to shame women? They don’t seem like messages that would convey a positive message. Or accuracy. When pregnant or nursing, the baby does not receive what women eat in the same percentages. If mom doesn’t eat enough protein, her muscles (the bodies protein storage) are used to feed baby. Same goes for calcium- her bones are stripped. So why such an unclear message? Trying to push mamas down??

  10. I believe it’s important to eat healthy while nursing. Certain things do hurt the baby if you eat/drink those items. Medicines and alcohol have to be monitored while you are nursing. You can drink alcohol but there is a way to test your milk to see if it’s acceptable for the baby. I had to be on insulin my whole pregnancy and even during the time I nursed because the oral medication for my type 2 diabetes wasn’t acceptable for my baby. It is very important to get educated on what is good nutrition for you and your baby. I could only nurse for a month and would have loved to do it longer. Stop bashing and become educated and support each other. Breastfeeding is a beautiful God given gift!

  11. Kayla, if alcohol is not in the milk after drinking, then why can you test your breast milk and it test positive for the alcohol you drank. Even how much its tainted. Your milk can be healthier nutrition wise, but lack of proper diet wont make a child fat, and it is still better than formula.

  12. This isn’t shaming, it makes perfect sense. It’s one thing if you want to put bad foods inside of you but why put your child through that. It’s not about you when you are a mother carrying a life, you have to think about your kid and their health. That should be the priority

  13. Bahahahaha! To the woman with a masters in nutrition. Remind me not to go to you for advice. The body naturally filters everything. A burger isn’t poison it is food and is broken down and your body already knows what goes into breast milk. It doesn’t naturally make your milk full of trans fats. I can’t believe the stupidity in these comments, just understand you are wrong and move on.

  14. First of all this ad campaign isn’t showing pictures of alcohol and nicotine; it’s showing hamburgers and donuts. Show me the evidence based research that day eating a hamburger turns my milk a la burger. Some of these responses are ridiculous.

  15. I eat what I damn well please. lol Also for some women during pregnancy, like me, these are some of the only foods they can eat without vomiting immediately after eating. Women who can’t afford/don’t have access to good food are also getting their noses rubbed into an already compounding issue. Cheeseburgers are not inherently bad for you. Last but not least, women are not pregnant for 1000 days. We are pregnant for like 294 days.

  16. This shaming campaign was created by a formula company Nestle. This ad is aiming at nutrients not drugs and alcohol. Trying to shame the mother when she has nutritional needs as well is wrong. She also needs it yo heal after birth. So what if eats a burger. Everyone should stop eating preservatives. Breastfed babies tend to not be picky because they are exposed to a variety of foods through breastmilk.

  17. It should be noted that this ad campaign is co-funded by a formula company and has a pretty obvious addenda. Although some chemicals (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc) get into breastmilk it is not in the same quantities that the mother consumes. Obviously what we as mothers is important and does affect our children we should not stop breast-feeding just because we have a cheeseburger on occasion. This ad is very misleading and could make mothers believe that if they have a less than perfect diet it is better to use formula and than their own breastmilk. This is obviously not the case as breastmilk would still be better even with a less perfect diet.

  18. I can’t believe people actually think you can drink coke and eat donuts and your breastmilk comes out meat and three veg…. Really…

  19. How ridiculous. You can’t put junk in and get health food out. Get a grip people.

  20. Oh dear lord “shames the mother”. Why is everything “shaming” these days? When did everyone become so over sensitive that you can’t advise based on scientific fact? The reality is that ingesting unnatural, unhealthy food is bad for you so of course it’s going to be bad for tiny baby. It’s not about shaming the mother, it’s about raising awareness. From a Marketing viewpoint it’s a clever campaign that can only help mum to think about how she’s setting up her baby’s health for the future.

    • I take it as a reminder! A nice visual! I had my sin when I was 18 and didnt know squat!!! I breastfed him for 13 months & I didn’t know to watch my diet while breastfeeding.. I am pregnant again now and I know better this time! 🙂

    • That’s actually not how it works. Maybe it’s time to educate yourself on issues before speaking on them. I’m sure a local LLL member or certified IBLCE could help you.

  21. Aspartame, sucralose, Acesulfame potassium, and the other man made artifial sweeteners, will come out of the body in breast milk… infants ingesting that garbage, is why Aspergers & Autism in children is on the rise.

    Artificial sweeteners are as bad as vaccinations. What you eat, is what your breast feeding child eats.

  22. Still better than formula! 👌

    • Thats is SOOOO True!! Unless the breastfeeding mother is smoking, doing drugs or drinking… breakstmilk is still better than formula! 100%

    • There is literally nothing wrong with formula. Fed is best.

      • I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago this month, at that point my huasnbd and I wener’t trying to get pregnant so I wasn’t place on medications to help us with that. Instead my doctor place me on birth control to help regulate my periods, and bam a month later I found out I was pregnant.I know this really doesn’t answer your question but I hope that it gives you some hope that it is possible to conceive despite having PCOS.

  23. You are what you eat and you are your babies food source! This should not discourage anyone from breastfeeding, breastfeeding is THE BEST thing you can do for your baby, hands down… it is just a reminder for breast-feeding mothers that watching your diet is not only for the pregnancy because the baby continues to get its food source from you! This does NOT mean that if you have a burger thay you are a terrible mother! It means limit yourself, be aware that your baby is getting those empty carbs right along with you.. remember to eat more veggies, drink more water and continue to take your prenatals!!! This is a GREAT message!

  24. I’m 25weeks pregnant with my first baby and if it wasn’t for Maccies or Burger King I wouldn’t be eating atall I can’t keep nothing down but fast food. / chocolate this just makes me feel worse about my diet but surely it’s better than me not eating at all. I’m wishing to breast feed and I’m hoping I will be able to eat again when baby is born maybe my dirt won’t get any better maybe it won’t but he’s my baby and if he wants a Maccies he gets a Maccies!

    • Sorry Lauren but what an absolute load of rubbish! You can only eat junk food?! You should feel bad about it because there is no excuse for putting such rubbish into your body whilst you are pregnant, sounds like you are using it as an excuse to me.

  25. Your body makes what your baby needs have you ever watched you milk when pumping? I watched my milk change when my baby got sick I watched it change back when she got better. I don’t have a very good diet I eat very fatty foods all day long because of my metabolism and I still only 95 lbs but yet my baby is very healthy. She sees her doctor more then she should because I worry about her being like me. It sucks knowing your not eating what you should for your baby but if I eat like they want me to it would be tiny. I eat nothing but fast food when I was pregnant with her and I was lucky to get up to 145 before I had her and she was 7lbs. Don’t judge people you never know what they are going through. For me I eat that way to keep on the wight I can. If I didn’t she probably wouldn’t be here I could of lost her.

  26. Seriously I am the worst eater ever. I loss weight when pregnant,they get what you get. Would you put sugar/salt/fat/alcohol in a babies mouth. Same difference. My opinion only but mine

  27. Thank goodness someone talks sense
    C your comment about blood sugars is spot on. All those saying it doesn’t affect the milk are trying to defend their poor diet choices. It does affect your baby. My boy was born and in intensive care for 8 days because of gestational diabetes & it does affect your milk. Let me put it this way. If ONLY the goodness gets through to the baby via breast milk then tell me? Why on earth is there a list of things you should not eat if breast feeding? Like um alcohol, caffeine nuts etc?

  28. Not sure how this is “shaming” mothers. Your kids really are getting nutrients from what you are putting in your body so if you’re drinking soda and eating junk all the time, then that’s what the baby is getting. This ad isn’t saying you can’t eat those things, but moderation is key just like anything, Instead of being easily offended, maybe some of y’all can cool down and realize this ad was made to open eyes to those who only eat junk. I know a lot of pregnant mothers don’t eat anything healthy at all. So like instead of assuming you’re that mother, just realize not everyone has the realization that their food is their baby’s food!

  29. Wow, what is with all this shaming, shaming, shaming. Shame and guilt kind of go hand in hand, so maybe those that are all up in arms proclaiming that this is shaming feel their own sense of guilt? I think this is a beautiful and tasteful reminder to take care of yourself and your baby while breastfeeding. Ya know what if all the stressed out moms want to scarf down McDonald’s with a large soda , go right ahead but deep down you know it’s not good for you or your baby! Why is it so difficult and so bad to eat nurturing and healthy foods? Even while pregnant I have had cravings and wants and I have taken the healthier route in most cases and I love water!!! Sometimes I throw fruit in it, but no big thang. The goal here is healthier kids, not eating donuts because were stressed. I do not know where the idea came from that you could eat, drink and do whatever you want and your breasts will just filter out everything, this is simply not true.

  30. Milk definitely changes with what you eat, if I ate garlic when breastfeeding then my milk smelt garlicky and my baby didn’t drink so much because she obviously didn’t like the taste. What I ate affected her bowel movements also, if I ate spicy food she would have the runs etc etc, this is a good advert and people do need to sit up and notice

  31. Infuriates me that there isn’t a post about alcohol , drug or smoking abuse while pregnant but there are pictures like this , imagine what those pictures would look like.
    As if new mums need another excuse not to BF ! Awful !

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  32. THANK YOU!!! It’s so sad seeing moms fill their bodies with junk food while pregnant and nursing. The baby is affected. We eat very healthy and I feel so much better because of it. It gives the mom the ability to be able to produce good nutrition for her baby. How can we expect ours bodies to function properly of we’re not putting the nutrients in it that we need? We can’t. It’s like putting water in your car instead of gas.

  33. Unreal. How is it so few women understand their own breast milk? Yes, what the mother eats passes through to the baby whether it be sugar, spicy food, alcohol etc. There are mixed thoughts on whether fatty foods causes more fat in milk. I’ve read both sides of the argument there but not completely convinced one way or the other. If you drink, alcohol appears in your milk. If you smoke, so does nicotine. Your breast milk also takes on the flavor of whatever you eat. So would a cow’s but they are specifically fed the exact same bland diet so that the milk always tastes the same.

  34. All I can say is I ate alot of junk throughout my pregnancy and I never breastfed but my baby had terrible tummy cramps and reflux was worst 4 months of my life seeing my baby go through that..crying all day everyday…I truly believe if I ate healthy during pregnancy my baby would hav been fine..I promise if I ever fall pregnant again I wil certainly eat healthy..

    • I wouldn’t beat yourself up about what you did and didn’t eat while
      Pregnant. I can say I didn’t eat like a crazy health nut and my baby has no reflux, colic or any stomach issues. She’s 6 weeks old and she’s already sleeping 5-6 hours through the night. Every baby is different and some will be easy and some will have those issues. Not saying you shouldn’t eat healthy, you should but if you happen to slip up I don’t think it effects the baby the way you are worried about. My own doctor said her first baby was an angel and her second never slept and had reflux. Every baby is different! But yes eating healthy is always better for you.

  35. Actually it’s good for a mother to be aware of what she puts in her body. It affects the baby 100% sooooooooo…. for all you crying about how the mom feels. Lol. It’s pretty selfish for a mom TO NOT THINK OF BABY. SMH!

  36. Im not a mom but a dad.seems like alot of you are basically like that moron michelle obama trying to tell kids in school what to eat

  37. I think it would have been more positive and uplifting, if they had put healthier foods painted on the breast.

  38. This campaign would have been better if it was for normalizing breastfeeding in public. It shows that breasts are for sustenance for our babies and not just sexual objects. They took the wrong approach here.

  39. I am a retired midwife. I have had mothers say maybe they should stop breastfeeding because their diet wasn’t “the Best”. I don’t like the campaign either. It is like the well-meaning, and based-on-truth CDC misfire on alcohol use by childbearing age women. That was sooooo badly done!

  40. Those pour formula-fed babies! So they eat grass all day? Like those cows give milk without any antibiotics and food full of pesticides?

  41. Guys, the body does not work like this, it only takes the nutrients from the cheeseburger to make the milk, the nutrients that match what the milk needs, it does not literally pass the cheeseburger straight to the child.

  42. Infant suckling stimulates the nerve endings in the nipple and areola, which signal the pituitary gland in the brain to release two hormones, prolactin and oxytocin.
    How Your Breast Responds to Your Baby’s Suckling:

    Prolactin causes your alveoli to take nutrients (proteins, sugars) from your blood supply and turn them into breast milk.
    Oxytocin causes the cells around the alveoli to contract and eject your milk down the milk ducts. This passing of the milk down the ducts is called the “let-down” (milk ejection) reflex.

  43. I neither agree nor disagree. My husband tells me all the time to not drink soda because that caffeine is going to get into the baby and he won’t sleep. I rarely have a soda since being pregnant I never drank it. Let me enjoy a damn Coke once in a blue moon. Never made the baby behave any differently. Now I have noticed if I don’t eat regularly, my milk production goes down. I’m usually throwing in tons of almonds and oatmeal but I’m eating grilled chicken sandwiches and bacon on everything. Your body produces your milk specifically for your babies needs. The main thing is to just eat and drink plenty of fluids to replenish calorie burn and electrolyte loss. Get your daily dose of protein, fats and carbs, maybe throw in some fiber, and you will be fine. If you want to enjoy a few beers or glass of wine, pre-pump so your baby has food and get some test strips from Target or something.

  44. The issue I have with this is for pregnant mommies, I am 3 months pregnant and throw up every day I try to eat good food and end up tossing it all up, as sick as I am I have found that tacos are about all that will stay down right now. So should I feel guilty for eating tacos (not all the time but enough) because they aren’t nutritional enough. I have a toddler as well as being preggo and had the same issue during her pregnancy I try to eat well but sometimes you just eat what you can, when. I was nursing I tried to eat a balanced diet but some days it was easier to grab a burger or order pizza after being up all night. My kid is not malnourished and she tends to be a vegetarian and prefers raw fruits and vegetables. I think that you should do what is best for you and your little one. Do your best, love them first and pray alot. If as mothers we let what other people think we should do as a parent influence us then in the future you are setting your kid up to let others influence them.

  45. As a first time mother that is currently pregnant. I’m not happy about this! Believe me when I say I would love to eat healthy, but it’s about what the body will tolerate! I am not a fast food eater, but protein shakes and veggies made me extremely sick in the first trimester. I agree that it’s important to eat healthy for the sake of your child, but to make mothers feel like they are essentially poisoning their baby is just wrong!!!!!

  46. Funny that this campaign focuses on mother’s choices rather than the corporate choices that contribute to the REALLY damaging toxins that DO find their way into mother’s milk.

  47. Catherine Flournoy

    Wow ladies…life is good, babies will be fine. Enjoy your wine and burgers! I’m on my 3rd, no issues, super smart kids and no reason to make anyone else feel bad. Stop!!!

  48. Wish you would stop spreading Nestle propaganda cr*p rather than find actual scientific studies that show that diet does not affect breast milk quality.

  49. Clearly ignorant people write articles on this page, ignorant people also comment here toom so sad. Research people. Breastmilk is made by the breast tissue via the blood stream, there are far more toxins in 1 bottle of formula than an infants life time of breastmilk regardless of the mothers diet.

    The benefits of breastfeeding far outwiegh the risks of not breastfeeding. If there was ANY truth to this article there would be no survival rate of infants in 3rd world countries.

  50. Breastmilk is made in bloodstream not gastrointestinal tract! What momma eats does not affect breastmilk! Obviously mums should try to be healthy but this info is just wrong – breastfeeding can be tough sometimes you need a good donut!

  51. I’m a breastfeeding mother and every doctor will tell you not to drink while pregnant but a glass of beer or wine is both good to relax the mother and helps milk supply. meaning just 1 not 3 or 5 or a case of beer or wine. A breastfeeding mother need to increase her caloric intake in order to keep up her milk supply and have enough energy for herself. That saying “I’m eating for two” actually applies to bf not pregnancy. A woman should eat healthy when bf. Lots of vitamins and iron especially but if she craves a donut chocolate pizza she can just not all day long. Everyday. Be wise in ur. Choices when I first had my son I was obsessed with milk wanted a glass in the afternoon with 2 cookies or I made fruit smoothies for mid morning snack. And turns out he had a dairy allergy I couldn’t have my milk 🙁 sad but that’s the sacrifice I had to make so he wasnt gassy and fussy. Switched my dairy out for almond milk and his symptoms cleared in a week. If u eat or drink something that gives us heartburn ur. Baby will prob. Have some issue as well maybe gas or diarrhea. The mother will suffer if she doesn’t get enough calories. I myself was so busy bf. Cleaning the house that I actually forgot to take care of me. I was dehydrated and eventually passed out from not eating enough. I spent 3 days in the hospital from exhaustion away from my newborn cuz. I was just forgetting to keep snacking. And drinking. Throughtout the day as when u r a new mother the day flies by and u realize u nursed ur baby 6 times and u realized u only ate a banana. I see the point of campaign but poorly put.

  52. I like this web blog very much so much great info.

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