Wednesday , 13 December 2017

Dads ‘Help Out’ With Breastfeeding In A New Campaign

A group of dads are spreading the word about breastfeeding – and why men have an important supportive role.

A new breastfeeding campaign has caught our attention. Promoting Project Breastfeeding, the US initiative aims to help show men the importance of breastfeeding and uses the slogan, ‘If I Could, I Would.’

‘My goal is getting dads involved,’ founder of Project Breastfeeding Hector Cruz told the Mail Online. ‘When it comes to breastfeeding we think it’s none of our business, so we think that it’s not our duty – but that’s so not true.

‘A father can make or break a breastfeeding relationship between child and mother. If he’s not going to support her, it’s likely she’s going to give up,’ Hector said.

‘So I wanted to give dads a voice. Dads’ roles have been so dumbed down in the last 50 years. I want to let them know they play a crucial and vital role in the breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby.’

Hector became passionate about the project after his wife Nicole struggled with breastfeeding their daughter. As a new dad, Hector struggled to find information on how he could help.

‘My wife would cry herself to sleep at night and I just didn’t know what to do,’ said Hector. ‘I wasn’t allowed to go to her breastfeeding class at Gateway Hospital in Clarksville, Tennessee, where my daughter was born, because god forbid if I saw another woman’s breast.’

Hector launched Project Breastfeeding with the help of some other willing fathers and together they are helping other men realise that breastfeeding isn’t ‘gross’.

‘I have met a lot of men who are against breastfeeding because they think it’s “gross” – and I’m yet to find one guy to explain to me why, exactly, it’s “gross”,’ Hector explained.

‘We’re rewriting the book on breastfeeding,’ said Hector. ‘For the first time, we’re teaching men the benefits, challenges and success of breastfeeding.’



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