Saturday , 25 November 2017

Differences In Rearing The First And The Second Child

When second child comes, everything becomes more relaxed. One mother has selected most sympathetic differences in rearing their two children.

After the birth of your first child, you have had more energy and you were curious about everything that can ensure perfect childhood for your child. You have bought various manuals and have consulted with other mothers, is not ?!

However, when the second child arrived you have realized that many things that you previously did, now are unnecessary.

Read these interesting and funny views of a mother to differences in rearing the first and second child:

  •  Nutrition

First child: Organic vegetables prepared by steaming and blended in a special blender for babies.

Second child: Crackers.



  • Sleeping

First child: Cot specially made and composed of Dad while Mom yelled at him.

Second child: Mom’s bed. Dad sleeps on the couch.


  • Dressing

First child: 100% organic cotton.

Second child: Old clothes inherited from the first child.


  •  Celebrating birthday

First child: Big Party in the garden or playland

Second child: Party at home with pizza on the floor.

  • Falling asleep

First child: Wrapped in a special blanket with music for goodnight. At 20:00 it is already in a deep sleep.

Second child: Falls asleep on the sofa in the living room with finger in his mouth around 22:30 pm.


  •  Hanging out

First child: Organized Hangouts with other mothers and babies in the park.

Second child: Companions of the older child.


  •  Playing

First child: Educational, ecological wooden toys, tested products.

Second child: Box of toys inherited from the first child.


  • Babysitter

First child: Wonderful woman who will love the child for rest of her life.

Second child: Does not have. Of course, we never going out.

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