Thursday , 14 December 2017

Discovered The Secret Of Farm With babies! 1,000 pounds for the sale and exchange unwanted babies

An illegitimate babies or those that arise as a result of rape have been reported in a private hospital in India, and then sold. For 1,000 pounds per baby.
Two babies were recovered in police action in the Hospital “Palas” in India’s Gwalior district, three babies have already been sold to childless couples in Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh.

Police raided the hospital on Saturday night after reports of trafficking of infants. The case was registered after the hospital management could not answer where are two babies from the hospital. Indicted five people, including directors and managers of the hospital to trade newborns.

According to a police officer who participated in the action, when the girl or her parents approached the hospital staff for the termination of pregnancy, doctors in this hospital would suit them and guarantee a secure future secret delivery. When the baby is born and the mother is discharged, the hospital authorities would begin hunting naive couples who could buy them. In one case, a girl born is replaced by the boy.

It is worrying to health experts, who are expected to act in the best interests of their patients, lead financial gain. Human trafficking has to be solved. The adoption must be officially in the best interests of the child and the parents, said Rani Bilkhu from international charitable society “Jena”

Police are now searching for couples who bought babies from the hotel.

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