Monday , 11 December 2017

Disgusting Or Stunning: Mother Shared Photo While Breastfeeding And Devided Opinions Of The Internet Community

Although is aware that for most people breastfeeding her three year old son completely unacceptable, Jade shared photo on her Facebook profile and so caused a “storm” on the Internet.


Mother Jade Bill, which is professionally engaged in photographing, on her official Facebook page, she shared photograph of herself while breastfeeding her son.

Photography has caused a lot of comments – about motherhood, breastfeeding rules, cultural norms, etc. In comments have answered and mothers who support this and that practice the same. However, how many positive reviews, so were those who strongly condemn this act.

“If this offends you, ask a me a question rather than call me names. Let’s learn from one another. Let’s be fee from fear of our differences and let’s be filled with curiosity and compassion!“– she wrote in the description of the photo.

Jade Beall pointed out that her work reflects and celebrates motherhood. Her body visibly changed during pregnancy and she decided to show to other mothers how actually looks a woman’s body.

“I do not have a schedule for breastfeeding. I do it whenever i feel the need. I hope I’ve helped other mothers to do the same, to not feel strange and uncomfortable,” said Jade, whose photo has fulfilled a goal that this mother set for herself.

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