Thursday , 23 November 2017

DIY Clothespin Air Freshener that will make your car smell fresh and clean!

Today’s market is full of different kinds of car air fresheners that make your tin baby smell good and fresh.

But why waste money on low quality air fresheners, when you can make yourself a natural homemade air freshener in just seconds.

If you want for your car to smell fresh all the time and to make your driving more pleasant, you don’t have to buy expensive products that can contain harmful chemical substances.

Make yourself a cheap, homemade natural car air freshener in just 5 sec.

All you’ll be needing is a wooden clothespin and ethereal oil that suits your senses.

A few oil drops on the clothespin and your homemade air freshener is ready for use. Just place it on the air condition entrance where you put the other liquid air fresheners.

The smell will spread throughout the insides of the car thanks to the air flow from the air condtion.


Here are 5 soothing, stress-relieving ethereal oils:

  1. Tangerine: contains a small amount of N-methyl-anthranilate that has relaxing effects. It helps you relax, and it is especially effective for hyperactive kids and helps prevent insomnia, stress and depression.
  2. Manuka: it has a soothing effect, lowers the stress and the tension, abates the pain and reliefs the tension in the muscles.
  3. Lemon grass: acts against headaches and migraine, abates muscle cramps by reducing the tissue tension and helps the muscles relax.
  4. Lavender: acts against headaches, migraine and asthma, and also acts as a shield against insects.
  5. Arabian jasmine: has a soothing effect and helps against anxiety. It can be combined with citric and wooden oils for ex. blue cypress and sandal wood.

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