Sunday , 21 January 2018

Do you think that sleeping with the baby in the same bed is a good idea?

Detective Dione Thompson from Washington with this video wanted to show that it’s not a good idea to mothers sleep with their babies in the same bed. She was recording a woman sleeping alone on the bed, and all her movements and turning during sleep. And finally recording the message: “Do you still think that sleeping with the baby in the same bed is a good idea?”

da li je dobro da beba spava sa mamom u krevetu

She points out three important rules for sleeping babies named ABD RULES:

A. Babies need to sleep ALONE

B. Babies need to sleep on their BACK

C. Babies need to sleep in their own CRIB

If you decide to sleep with your baby, it is better to sleep with their mothers than to sleep between father and mother. In this case, the baby put on the bed or to the wall to avoid the possibility that the baby rolled off the bed.

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