Thursday , 18 January 2018

Do you wish your partner could have stayed overnight after the birth?

Alone with a newborn, exhausted, and struggling to breastfeed – would you have liked your partner to be able to stay with you after giving birth if it were possible?


  1. i would have loved my sons father to stay ! i was a new mum with my first child ! & it was hard my son wasnt feeding properly and nurses would not help me out with a little bit of formula but if he was there it would of taken so much stress off my shoulders

  2. For my Daughter he stayed overnight until i was released it was quite nice, sleeping in the hospital sucks, it has lots of strange noises and you just gave birth to this tiny little baby so for the first little while i couldn’t sleep i just kept holding my daughter, i was grateful when he finally took over and held her beside me while i slept and he cuddled the both of us. I find him staying overnight with me brought on so much comfort and i didnt feel alone, i had him for support. It truly meant alot and brought on so much comfort, i was able to relax and sleep. Unlike three years later when i gave birth to our son. He was away at work and could make it on time, so i had my mom there and it wasnt the same my mom of course didnt sleep in the same bed as me and cuddle me, I found i didnt sleep very well just stay up, wasnt a relaxed and i just wanted to be at home, even at home i was counting down the hours till his plane arrived and he could be home. I don’t think our partners realize how much they mean to us by just being there with us. Just laying in bed with us brings us comfort.

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