Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Doctors Told Mother Her Baby Girl Died, But 50 Yrs Later They Are Reunited.

Fifty years ago, Zella Jackson Price was told that her premature daughter had died soon after childbirth. Zella accepted the word of hospital staff and went home broken hearted. She had lost a son in the same way and the premature birth seemed a valid reason for the tragedy… so she spent the next 5 decades doing what she could to carry on.

Zella went on to become an accomplished gospel singer and had five other children, but never forgot what could have been with her long lost daughter Melanie. Just last year, Zella recieved a message from two young sisters claiming to be her granddaughters… and Zella’s heart began to fill with impossible hope.

Gilmore’s twin daughters wanted to surprise their mom with a digital reunion on her 50th birthday. The twins coordinated a video chat with Zella and set their mom, who is deaf, in front of the computer and explained to her that they located her mother… and that she was alive. The emotional reaction between mother and daughter that followed was absolutely wonderful to see.

Zella’s story helped other women come forward with stories of their own from the Homer G. Phillips Hospital in Missouri. All told, up to 150 children were kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder during this tragic time in history.

Check out the moment Zella meets her daughter Melanie for the first time in the video below.

Source: www.inspiremore.com

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