Monday , 11 December 2017

Experiment: She Breastfed The Baby In The Subway. How Are The Passengers React?

Internet pranksters TrollStation test public reaction to a topic that has long caused a real barrel on the Internet – breastfeeding in public. This social experiment conducted in the London Underground, and the idea was to check how people will react to the fact that a woman is breastfeeding next to them on the subway. Here’s what happened.

Actor James Slattery enters the metro. Takes the place near Amine Maz, who plays a mother who is breast-feeding a baby. During the trip, the actor leans towards the mother and asks: “Sorry, you do not breast-feeding, do not you?”, To which a actress replied: “Yes … Is this a problem?”

Then James came down hard on Aminu told her that her actions are inappropriate, it should be designated a special part of the transport only for breastfeeding mothers and for something like this would never have happened in his native Ireland.

The girl who was sitting between them is almost could hardly wait for Exit the subway at the first stop, while other passengers looked confused, mostly without reaction or even a smile. Few intervened to defend a mother feeding her child while the actor called rude and yelled to her process makes him feel uncomfortable.

After several minutes of discussion, a young man stood up and sat between them trying to prevent a fight. Then the other passengers intervened, arguing that her right to feed the baby.

See what it was like:

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