Saturday , 25 November 2017

Father Learned To Do His Doughter’s Hair After Becoming A Single Parent

Father, who lives alone with his daughter and constantly beautifies her with new hairstyles, decided to share his knowledge with other fathers. He organizes free classes on which allows other fathers to not only improve their hairdressing skills, but also to spend quality time with their daughters.


Felipe Morges became a single parent when his daughter Emma had only one year, and had to learn different hairstyles for her hair. At the beginning he changes her hairstyle only with using hairpins and pitails, but quickly he have perfected his skills and now he know to knit complicated braids.

Because had received bunch of compliments and even won an award for the look of Emma’s hair, he decided to transfer his knowledge to other fathers who do not know how to fashion their little princesses. “I love to spend time with her, and she loves her hair to be cool. I hear many compliments about my role as a father. I would like other fathers can experience it, “- said Morges.

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Felipe share photos from the first hour of Reddit wrote: I am so proud of these fathers, who have made a step forward and build a better relationship with their daughters.

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