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Fatherhood Changes The Brain Of A Man

It is clear that the role of the father brings many changes in the life of a man, but it is less expected that fatherhood affects at the functioning of the body. Look through what kind of changes men are going.

Members of the male sex of human species are highly unusual because they belong to only six per cent of mammals whose paternity has great significance. Moreover, their behavior and care of a newborn baby can be equated with mothers, because of what men are extraordinary.

For this reason scientists have wondered whether the role of the father in some way affect at the brain of a man? In recent years scientific research say that after childbirth, men suffer significant neurological and hormonal changes- similar to those experienced by mothers.

Dad’s brain looks like my mother’s brain

Taking care of baby changing the brain of a man, and this manifests differently cognitive and emotional behavior. Moreover,  father’s brain looks more like mother’s brain. A recent research showed that men who nurture their children on a brain scan recorded interesting results. In fact, in their case, parts of the brain responsible for processing emotions and social understanding are extremely active after a baby becomes part of their lives.

Dads are going through hormonal changes.

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding cause reduced or increased secretion of certain hormones in women, but scientists have found that something similar occurs in the bodies of men, although they are not able to carry and feed the baby naturally. Research whose participants were both people and members of the animal world showed that men who have baby, have more oxytocin, estrogen, prolactin and glucocorticoids, experts also say that this increase comes depending on contact with the baby and her mother.

Oxytocin strengthens the bond between dads and babies

Already mentioned oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone, encourages fathers to care more about their babies, to get involved in a game with them, while kids are answering with the same love.

Fatherhood is the reason for creating new neurons

As shown by numerous scientific research, fathers’s  lost nerve cells are updating and also leads to the creating of new ones. In addition, they grow faster and better develop, which improves the memory of men.

Dads are sensitive to the child’s voice.

It is generally known a mothering instinct, which helps mothers to recognize when the crying means that the baby is hungry, when it is some pain, and when the baby is sleepy. However, scientists have found that dads know how to connect with their children in that way: one study showed that 90 percent of fathers recognizes the significance of cry of a baby.

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