Tuesday , 21 November 2017

‘Fed is Best’: Photo series highlights the beautiful ways moms feed their babies

Photographer Mikaela Bodkin believes that when it comes to baby feeding, what’s important is that moms and babies are happy and healthy — not whether they choose to breast or bottle feed their infants.

In her photo series, “Fed is Best,” Bodkin shows images of women feeding their babies in a variety of ways, from breastfeeding to exclusively pumping breastmilk.

“There’s a lot of mom-shaming still going on…but I wanted to highlight that we should stop judging moms and their choices and what they do,” Bodkin told TODAY Parents, adding that the women she photographs often share their own stories of being shamed for public breastfeeding or criticized for choosing to feed their baby formula.

“There’s a lot of mom-shaming still going on,” said Bodkin. “But I wanted to highlight that we should stop judging moms and their choices and what they do.”

Bodkin was adopted from an orphanage in Romania as an infant, and was malnourished when her parents brought her home to Canada. Because being bottle fed saved her life, Bodkin feels a special connection to the debate over the best way to feed a baby.

Bodkin’s “Fed is Best” series highlights the many ways moms feed their babies.
Bodkin says whether moms are breast or bottle feeding, the important thing is that their babies are happy and healthy.

“No matter how you feed your child — if you’re providing a necessity of life — you’re doing the best you can do,” said Bodkin. “Not everyone can breastfeed and some women really enjoy breastfeeding and I think it’s up to the mom either way.”

Source: www.today.com

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