Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Feel free to eat garlic and quickly neutralize its smell!

If you want garlic, but avoid it because of the unpleasant smell and taste it leaves in your mouth, you can now relax because there is a solution to this problem …

Garlic has a special flavor that most people like, while it is also very healthy. Often also called the most powerful natural antibiotic.


But when we eat, we get very intense breath that looks like nothing can neutralize. Science has the answer why garlic causes such a reaction. Apparently basis is how the garlic decomposes in our body.

When you eat garlic, it emits enzyme allicin which has a very strong odor and that due to its sulfur compounds can be retained in the organism for up to 24 hours. One reason is the fact that this gas is absorbed in the blood and is transferred to the lungs, from where we exhale.

It can also be excreted through the skin, which explains the long stay of the smell of garlic.

Precisely because gum and washing the mouth with water did not help to remove the odor, because the smell remains in the lungs.

Supposedly, the best option to remove the smell is lemon juice, which neutralizes enzymes and effectively end the unpleasant taste and breath in the mouth.

So drink lemonade without sugar after a meal, try chewing flavored with lemon or eat lemon pie for dessert. It’s the only way!

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