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God Does Not Support Vaccines

Christians, we need to talk. If you are not a Christian, this post is not for you. I still love you. I still accept you. I don’t know what you believe and I’m not trying to convince you to believe otherwise. People who practice other religions…sorry, I am not well versed in the art of your faith so you’ll find little help in this post. Nominal (“in name only”) Christians, this post isn’t for you either.

No judgment here, but I need to speak to my Jesus peeps. You see, there’s this little thing called a religious exemption, and it’s being threatened. A religious exemption is offered in 48 states and gives you the right to opt out of vaccinations if it is objectionable to your faith. And in case you’re wondering, God does not support vaccines, and it is objectionable to our faith.

If you’re a Christian you should care.

I’m not a fortune-teller (usually), but let me tell you what’s happening right under your nose. First, they’ll go after the philosophical exemption. It’s the easiest exemption to get and the easiest exemption to get rid of. Next, they’ll start infringing upon the religious exemption claiming things like, “religious objectors are not constitutionally exempt from vaccinations.” They’ll tell you (like in New York) that you can get a religious exemption but you’ll have to use the magic words and hope that the person who probably doesn’t believe in God and knows nothing about your faith is having a good day. In some states, health departments are making up lies that they are no longer allowed to pass out the exemption cards required to be on file with schools, banking on the hopes that they won’t be questioned.

Eventually, they’ll do away with the religious exemption all together like West Virginia and Mississippi already have. Your only recourse will be to homeschool. Finally, when enough people start homeschooling…they’ll come after you and your kids too. Most states already regulate homeschooling. Do you think they’re above adding a little vaccination requirement? Vaccine enthusiasts are already coming door to door in some areas. Thankfully, you can still shut the door in their face.

Yes, I know a recent ruling just went through in New York that enforced an already existing policy (one that actually exists in most states) that says a school can tell your kid to stay home when there’s an outbreak, even if they have a religious exemption. And I know, pro-vaccine advocates are getting “physician” guest bloggers who claim to be Christian to paraphrase a few Bible verses and tell you to get vaccines in the name of “loving your neighbor” and all that.

Then there’s the propaganda by religious leaders geared towards people like us. If your pastor says it’s okay … then it must be okay right? No … because your pastor isn’t Jesus and probably hasn’t read the vaccine inserts or additives list. And, he was probably told that God loves children who get measles more than vaccine-injured children. Chances are though, like many Christians, he hasn’t even thought about it.

Oh, but it gets worse. There’s also the “extreme crazy Christian” angle, which is how people (even some Christians) who vaccinate like to portray Christians who don’t. You know, the “God gave me an immune system so I’m just going to “faith-heal myself well” and He will protect me while I roll around in polio.” This is certainly within God’s power; but guys, we can do so much better.

In the Beginning

Let’s think about this from God’s perspective and let’s go back to the beginning. This is how it all went down. In the beginning, God created heaven, earth, day, night, water, dry land, plants, animals, people, and…the immune system. He then said,

 I’m missing something…oh yes, Adam needs the DNA of a dog, some cells of a monkey’s kidney, a couple of mutated viruses, bits of ground up aborted baby, a few carcinogens, some detergent, and a little hazardous waste to help trick his immune system into giving him some temporary, junk immunity. Well…Adam is a grown man, so maybe I should shoot up his baby first. 

Wrong. God saw all that he had made and “it was very good.” God’s perfect. Nothing further needed.

 “Yeah, but then sin entered the world?” 

Oh yes, and so did our arrogance. We actually think “we” hold the key to improving upon His design…as if He forgot something when He created the immune system. Thank God He created us to fix it right? Sin gave us the capacity to perform all sorts of evil deeds so the fact that God gave us the ability to make vaccines is not a reason to use them (1 Peter 2:16).

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  1. Very well said! Thank you.

  2. I shared this post because it was so eye opening to me. I now have people asking where you got all of your information about vaccines. What was your resources in knowing all about the Vaccines?

  3. Right now we have 1st Churches on every corner that are more interested in mega-church bashing in many cases rather than actively healing the sick in any community. Until our churches are fully functional Christs doing all the works of Jesus and greater works, then doctors and immunizations are your best bet. We have got to do the work of the great physician before we start telling other physicians where to stick vaccinations.

    • which would be fine, Bill Danson, if science were up to making vaccines that included NOTHING injurious to human health and tests to identify those for whom modifying the immune system is riskier than not. Personally – my neurologist stated anecdotally my MS started back in 1975 which is just after a barrage of pre-nursing student vaccines.

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