Saturday , 25 November 2017

Happy Parent – Happy Child


If we take into account the specific research about important rules that should be observed for proper upbringing of children, undoubtedly we could separate some crucial directions and concrete steps that will enable correctly upbringing of a happy child.

  • If you want your child to be happy firstly try to make happy yourself. Achieving balance in your life is a very important task for you which directly acts on your child’s behavior.
  • Allow your children to be themselves, to be the way they really are. You do not want to be mother-helicopter, which is constantly flying over her children and does not leaves them little space to express themselves. Children should have their own autonomy, always be here for them but also worry about not to disturb their autonomy.
  • Do not let the communication with your children often comes down to rebuke and objections. You will see a really positive effect on the child’s behavior if you try to turn the child into the daily decision-making. The feeling of equality that will appear at a child is the first step to a healthy and proper communication between him and his parent.

Children are certainly the most vulnerable members of society. Therefore they need unconditional support from the family. Knowing that your child is happy and it feel that belongs somewhere is a real prerequisite every night to fall asleep happy with the thought that you have truly succeeded as a parent.

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