Sunday , 21 January 2018

Health Benefits of Cupping Therapy: Backed By Science

What is ‘cupping therapy?’  It’s just another ancient therapeutic practice that has been popular in China since about 1000 B.C., with records showing that variations of this method might, in fact, be as old as 3000 B.C.  But it’s not surprising, because this tried and true method comes with a myriad of different health benefits.

Promotes Relaxation – Cupping allows people to enter a more relaxed state because it sedates the central nervous system, providing protection against anxiety and depression.  The act of lying still and ‘being taken care of’ during a cupping therapy session can also have a positive effect on someone’s psychological well-being, a reason researchers think it’s used to help treat mental illness.  Cupping helps lift pressure in muscles that are tense, offering a relieving sensation akin to receiving a deep tissue massage.

One notable advantage to trying alternative practices such as cupping therapy, acupuncture ormassage therapy is that they do not carry unwanted side effects that pharmacological drugs or surgery might.  Cupping therapy expands the capillaries, increasing the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues.  It can also invoke relaxation responses, which can lower stress.

Check out these five great benefits of cupping therapy:

Pain Reduction – Finding naturally safe ways to reduce joint and muscle pain can be difficult.  A report published in Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine found that cupping provided notable significant benefits, including reduced lower back pain, positive effects in treating cancer, and helping to soothe pain associated with respiratory issues.  This is all when compared to usual care treatments, anti-cancer drugs, and analgesics.

Promotes Healthy Skin – Cupping can be used to reduce herpes, cellulite, acne and skin inflammation.  This practice is widely popular among celebrities and public figures because of the way it tones and firms skin by improving blood flow and expanding the capillaries.  It has even been seen to be equally or even more effective at treating acne when compared to antibiotics.

Helps Treat Respiratory Issues and Colds – It is also used to help nourish the lungs by clearing out phlegm and congestion.  When it comes to the common cold or the flu, cupping therapy speeds up recovery by helping improve immune function; it does this by moving blood and lymphatic fluid through the body, helping with chronic coughs, allergies, infections, asthma and lung disease.

Improves Digestion – If you suffer from IBS, then cupping therapy might be for you.  It has been shown to reduce symptoms from disorders affecting the digestive tract.  This could be partly because it also reduces a patient’s stress response, which has been highly associated with healthy digestive functioning.  Throughout history this particular therapy practice has proved to be highly beneficial for people who suffer from frequent stomach pain, diarrhea, acutegastritis, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal diseases and water retention.




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