Monday , 11 December 2017

Here Is The Solution For Kidney Stones

Besides being a fantastic cleaner of the kidneys, removes small stones from the kidneys and bladder, eliminates sand and slime, the drug helps with women’s diseases and treat cystitis.


Grain millet is easy and truly amazing tool for treating kidney disease.

Many claim that millet helped them to forget the problems with the kidneys. In folk medicine is used as a natural remedy for the treatment of urolithiasis (formation of stones in the urine and urinary tract).

Otherwise, millet is one of the most popular cereal that has a high nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Try this natural recipe from Russian folk medicine to help in clearing the kidney stones, the secretion of mucus, sand and small stones.

Recipe for removal of stones from the kidney:

In the evening one cup (200 grams) of millet, rinse in warm water. Place the millet in a larger jar (3 liters) and pour 2/3 of the jar with hot boiled water. Cover, shake well, wrap in something warm and leave it overnight. In the morning again shake. You’ll notice a white opaque liquid in a jar. This is your medicine.

The liquid from the jar spend the night in another court. Drink during the day without limitation, in any quantity, at any time.
Millet do not throw it away. Cook healthy porridge that you can eat for breakfast (1 cup millet, 3 cups water, cook for 15 minutes).

In the evening prepare a new portion for the next day, under the same procedure. This should be drink 10-15 days.

After that stone will be dissolved and will be released together with the urine and kidneys will be cleaned from sand, mucus and stones. Eliminates is the inflammation, updated is the kidney tissue and organs of the urinary tract.

With the introduction of millet in your diet you will contribute to health of your kidneys.

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