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How Do You Get Rid Of Secret From The Respiratory

If your child has a problem with respiratory tract and secretion, which occurs more frequently in cold days, read this doctor answers to important questions on this topic.


One mom asks: “My five-year daughter since the seventh month of life has lung problems. Then she had bronchiolitis, which was repeated three more times in the next six months. Almost every viral infection is accompanied by secretions in the nose that is often lowering to the lungs, and inhalations was very helpful for us. My child was over 12 months on prophylaxis Singulair and the situation has significantly improved – obstruction became less frequent, and since the 4th birthday she has no more that.”

Because she is going to kindergarten often engages some of the viruses and secretion occurs again, and it takes long time until it heal, sometimes two weeks after onset. Then the lungs are clear, a pediatrician regularly follows child and there is never an obstruction, but the cough can be very persistent. As colder weather arrives, all this occurs more frequently. We tried a variety of syrups and medicines, but without any serious effect. ”

Why child has more secretions respiratory organs during the winter?

This is a result of a number of viruses that attack the respiratory system.They spread on the cold weather, but indoor areas, where there are many people and children, are conducive to their spread. These are respiratory viruses, there are many types, and sometimes it happens to be similar in children manifest in the form of runny nose, cough and sometimes breathing difficulties.
Almost all have one thing in common – the production of secretion (mucus) in the respiratory organs.

Whether this is actually asthma?

Asthma is a disease where there is a narrowing of the respiratory organs – bronchoconstriction! When this bronchonstriction repeat, asthma occurs. How your child’s lungs are clear, this means that there is no narrowing of the respiratory tracts – bronchial obstruction, so it’s not asthma.

What is the difference between asthma and bronchitis?

There are several types of bronchitis, but if repeated bronchitis and were followed by bronchonstriction then it actually is asthma. When bronchitis occurs rarely, and is caused by the accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, then it’s not asthma, but a viral inflammation of the bronchi.

Could this turn into pneumonia?

It’s hard – there is little chance!
It is obvious that your child has no secretion in the lower respiratory tracts, which would then not be bronchitis or obstructions, but at that time the lungs are not clean!
When the secretion long retain in the bronchi (or bronchioles) and is not ejected as expected, there is the risk of pneumonia. However, this is clearly not your “story”.

Do inhalations can help?

They can, there is no doubt!
Although secretion “high” (in the nose, throat and trachea – the windpipe) inhalations can help, even in older children. Wrong to think that the inhalers are only for babies – it’s not true.

What inhale the child?

2Initially, it is enough to be inhalation with ordinary physiological solution (0.9% NaCl). It will help to secrete become “sparsely” and thus easier to remove (cough or swallow). This seems banal, but it is a great way to help the child.

How long and how often to conduct inhalations?

There is no strict rules – three times a day, about five minutes is enough so that you can see how the child will react. Inhalation should be performed before (or between) meals, and never after a meal. If necessary, the number of inhalations can be increased – there is no risk to overdo it.

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