Tuesday , 12 December 2017

How large salaries mothers deserve do be paid ?

Mothers work a lot of things 94 hours a week, without any financial compensation. It is estimated that should earn 113,568 dollars (85,000 euros) per year.

When are in role of mothers, women do not consider time. Whether they are employed or housewives, routinely face with range of thankless job: cooking, purchasing, wearing and taking children out of school, training and various other activities. And all this without any monetary compensation.

The research which  has been implemented by the American Salari.com site, and which included 6,000 women shows that mothers-housewives “work” 94 hours a week and that should earn 113,568 dollars or 85,000 euros per year. Working mothers, however, should receive 67,436 dollars (50,000 euros) per year for the duties they perform at home, and that consuming 58 hours per week.

These amounts are calculated based on the answers of respondents and the prices of certain works on the labor market. Given that spend 14.4 hours per week at cleansing at home and considering that one hour of work for maid was 10.10 dollars, mothers would have just for that job to earn 145.54 dollars (106 euros) per week. Cooking, on which spend 14 hours a week, was to charge 13.56 dollars per hour and so on.

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