Thursday , 23 November 2017

How to Make the Ultimate Indoor Fort Your Kids Will Love

Feeling stir-crazy? Here are 5 wintertime activities that will help you build the ultimate indoor forts for the whole family to enjoy!


This time of year can drag on endlessly. Holiday cheer is behind us, and now we’re just staring down at another few months of winter weather. That’s no reason to feel gloomy, though! In Scandinavian countries (and now worldwide), the hygge trend is staving off the winter blues and helping us embrace the art of coziness by snuggling up with cozy blankets and being with the ones we love. When you’re trapped inside with crazy kiddos though, this can be easier said than done! We’ve rounded up a bunch of forts, tents, and structures you can make as a family. And because we know you don’t want to run any more errands in this weather, everything can be made from things you probably already have at home. So get busy building together to help pass the time and snuggle up!

1. The Ultimate Blanket Fort

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? This gorgeous, dreamy fort is everything you loved about blanket forts as a kid: The coziness, the oodles of pillows, the perfect little space to curl up with a good book or to watch a movie in… so much fun! Except this won’t topple over when you accidentally bump the sofa cushion with your elbow, and you don’t have to lay on the hard floor. Suspend sheets and blankets from the ceiling and walls with push pins, painters tape, or adhesive hooks, and surround your bed in the ultimate tent! Add some twinkle lights for a little extra drama and soft, sleepy lighting. Perfect for snuggling up when the weather keeps you indoors!

2. Duvet Cover Bubble Fort

Where was this idea during our childhood snow days?! If you’ve got a box fan, some duct tape, and a duvet cover, you can create the ultimate secret hideaway. Simply lay the duvet cover on the floor with the open end by the box fan. Hold the duvet open and let the fan inflate it into the perfect bubble fort for kids to play in. Tack the fabric to the fan in a few spots to keep it in place and let the kiddos climb inside! If you have really little ones, this will require a bit of supervision to keep little fingers out of the fan. But if they’re a bit older, pour yourself a cup of coffee and let them hide away in their own private wind tunnel.

3. Cozy Pillow-Filled Pool


Nothing like being cooped up inside on a cold, snowy day to make us long for some summer sunshine. We might not be able to help you with the sunshine part, but you can still enjoy poolside lounging! Bust out an inflatable kiddie pool and fill it full of sofa cushions, pillows, and ultra-soft blankets. It’s the perfect place to curl up and watch your favorite summertime flick!

4. Cardboard Geodesic Dome

Have some older kids who love to build? This geodesic dome is the perfect structure to construct together. It might take awhile to assemble, but let’s face it, if the weather’s got you trapped inside, you’ve got nothing but time. Head to Hannah and Lily to check out full instructions, a photo tutorial, and helpful tips to build your own. This structure is sturdy enough to last a long time, and it’s a great little hideaway when you need some space.

5. Indoor Campsite

Don’t make your family tent sit in the garage until next summer! Dust it off and set it up in the living room! Grab your sleeping bags and pillows and cozy up together. It’s the perfect spot to play some board games, cards, or even watch a movie. Make some popcorn and daydream about the summer camping trips to come. To make your campsite even more legit, check out the flameless fire pit below!

Bonus Project: Flameless Fire Pit!

While you’re setting up your living room campsite, make this adorable flameless fire pit to help set the stage! Kids will love assembling the logs and pretending to cook their dinner, and the soft glow from the lights will make you forget the miserable winter weather outside your door. And even though it’s a fake fire, that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up some s’mores!


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