Sunday , 21 January 2018

How To Simply Reduce High Temperature


For the first you’ve heard and probably even have examined: compresses with vinegar. Oh yes! We assume that as children you probably permanently were “treated” with them. Generally, there is hardly a more efficient way to reduce a high temperature. Coatings are placed in the hottest parts of the body – the forehead, abdomen, feet. Giving relief by cooling, but also devilishly unpleasant smell.

In the second way it is about one awful crust, but makes magic work. In an appropriate bowl combine the juice of two lemons with a couple tablespoons of honey. The subject mixture heat up on the stove and drink warm.

Third: few whites are mixed in a bowl. They  cloth, which rewinding feet. Then you wait. Some people have examined this protein method, and claiming hellish act quickly – in the tenth minute.


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