Saturday , 25 November 2017

How To Teach Your Child To Swim

Swimming develops the body, increases immunity, affects on the motor skills and adjustment of movements, increases lung capacity, corrects posture and strengthens the musculature.

  • Parents should teach their children to swim even after they turn four years, because only then they can go under water. With small children you should play fun games in a shallow pool. Show them how to work with their legs and float while you are holding them on stomach or back. Make bubble in the water, get used them that the chin is under the surface, – experts believe.

Never leave your child alone, even for a minute, and clearly let him know that can enter in water only with mom and dad.

With the kids who have four or five years, you should exercise in shallow water. Give them tasks to swim short section with coordinated movements of the arms and legs, and then increase the distance to swim. And of course be patient with children. Children at one point can be like an otter, and already in the second they can be afraid of water.


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