Thursday , 14 December 2017

‘I just wanted to calm her’: Mother’s incredible sacrifice as she refused to take painkillers for her injuries after a serious car accident just so she could breastfeed her distressed baby girl

A mother who was rushed to hospital after a serious car crash with her newborn baby refused strong painkillers for more than four hours so she could breastfeed her daughter.

Danni Bett was travelling with two-month-old Indi on the outskirts of Christchurch, New Zealand, when she lost control of her vehicle and smashed into a metal fence, ‘totalling’ the car.

The impact of the terrifying crash left Ms Bett in a neck-brace, but with her motherly instincts still fully intact, telling she just wanted to comfort her baby.

Incredible: Danni Bett went without strong painkilling medication for more than four hours after a serious car accident so that she could breastfeed her newborn daughter Indi in hospital

‘All I could say was, “Get my baby out, she’s in the car, get my baby”. I was in so much shock,’ Ms Bett said.

Amazingly, Indi slept throughout the crash and only woke when onlookers came to help the pair, before paramedics arrived to take both mother and daughter to Christchurch Hospital.

With the shock of the incident and concern for her child at the top of her initial concerns, it wasn’t until Ms Bett stepped into the ambulance that she noticed a shooting pain down her neck, back and through her hips.

Regardless, she refused strong pain killers for four hours as she underwent X-Rays, ultrasounds and other tests, just so she could breastfeed her daughter.

Adorable: Ms Bett and daughter Indi were reunited hours after the crash on a stretcher at Christchurch Hospital, something the mother described as 'instant relief'

Upon being wheeled back to her room she pleaded with the nurse to let her feed Indi, but it was instead suggested the newborn be fed by bottle.

But a determined Ms Bett persisted and was eventually allowed to see her crying daughter, reunited on a hospital stretcher.

‘It was instant relief,’ she said.

‘I wanted her, I wanted to calm her. After a traumatic day as it is, to give her that (a bottle) would not be right. (Breastfeeding) is the best for her and I had that.’

Inspiration: Ms Bett posted the amazing photo of her breastfeeding her daughter in hospital on Facebook in an effort to inspire other mothers to breastfeed their children whenever or wherever they need

A hospital nurse captured the special moment in an amazing photograph, which Ms Bett then shared on Facebook.

She said she hoped the photo would inspire other breastfeeding mothers ‘to feed our babies whenever, wherever’, whether in public or a hospital bed.

Other than Ms Bett feeling the effects of whiplash, both mother and daughter are reportedly now doing well.


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