Tuesday , 12 December 2017

If this does not convince you to stop smoking in pregnancy, nothing will. How the baby in the stomach reacts to cigarettes

If you are pregnant and you smoke or planning to become pregnant and do not plan to solve up the habit, see the research by the University “Durham” and “Lancaster” that shows how the baby responds to cigarette smoke, specifically how much it bothered him.

The researchers used a 4D scanner and compared the reaction of the baby of a mother smoker and mother nonsmoker. Baby from the other group shows intense movements of the lips and hands.

Реакција на бебе на цигари кои ги пуши мајката

The research examined 260 fetuses at different times, from 26 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. Among babies there were four whose mothers smoked daily 14 cigarettes. The other babies were spared from the smoke.

The movements of infants are associated with responding to the baby’s nervous system. The research is published in the journal “Acta Paediatrica”.

– Our results are related to previous studies that have shown the connection between stress and the movements of the baby, and should be controlled, but we went ahead and showed the effects of nicotine on the developing fetus, said Dr. NACA Risland, author of the study.

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