Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Innovations in the maternity hospitals in the USA: Mothers will receive their babies in cardboard boxes (Video)

Following the example of the maternity hospitals in Finland, mothers in the USA recently began to receive their babies in a Finish-style cardboard baby box. This is the reason…


When dr. Megan Heere began advising the new mothers to put their babies in boxes, she didn’t thought of what their reaction would be.

This idea was odd for most of the mothers in the USA, but this innovation has been in use for decades in Finland, says Little Things.

Recently, the Temple University Hospital (TUH) began a newborn safety program “baby in a box”. Despite the price of 100 dollars per box, the new mothers receive them for free.

What is the reason? The reason is to reduce infant mortality. Accidental suffocation is the main reason for infant mortality, but with little help and education, that can be changed. Many of the parents believe that it is best for their newborn baby to sleep with them on the same bed or mattress.

Even though they think it’s best for their baby, thatway of sleeping can lead to accidental suffocation and death. When it comes to sleeping, the baby box is the best place for a baby.

The doctors recommend that babies should sleep on a hard ground in the same room, but not in the same bed with their parents. This simple box can prevent an accidental death of the baby.

Plus, in the boxes the mothers also receive some materials about babies as well as education guide that will help them in the first month of the lives of their newborns.

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