Thursday , 23 November 2017

Inspirative Wall Decorations In The Form Of Wood


Decorate the walls with stickers or templates with wood motif, painting or decorating the walls with real branches can be beautiful and inspiring ideas. Imagine a tree with branches, leaves, birds and butterflies that brings life to any room in your home.

Whether it is real or painted, only decoration on the wall, or there is a useful purpose, the wood in the interior can not remain unnoticed. So, if you’re looking for a unique and impressive decoration for the walls, look these five creative ideas and numerous ways to apply them in your home.

Part of nature in your home

Stickers and templates in the form of wood or, real branches and dry leaves will be the central decorative detail in the room and would a spirit of the nature in the interior.


Tree branches or tree will serve as an ideal place for the shelves, so your books or decorative items wll get creative place for disposal. Police in the form of wood will fit perfectly in the children’s room, but can adorn the walls of any room.

Family tree

Family photos deserve a prominent place in your home, and one of the more creative ways to expose them is a photo gallery located on the branches of a tree.

Christmas Tree

If you live in a small apartment, ideal replacement for the right New Year’s tree can be two-dimensional Christmas tree on the wall made of dry twigs or designed from the actual ornaments for a Christmas tree.

A vertical garden

Pots of flowers, spices or other plants can be placed in the crown of the tree and thus vertical garden make even imaginative.

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