Thursday , 14 December 2017

Instead Of Surgery He Went Home Healthy … With These 2 Ingredients

Citizen of Tuzla Elvir D. (44) decided to tell how he saved himself from knee surgery, with just 2 ingredients that probably all of them we have at home.


Namely,  last months Elvir felt pains in his knees from excessive standing and working, so his doctor recommended surgery to his knee and so to try again to stand on feet painless. But fear of the operation force him to find other way.

“Accidentally I met a woman who is concerned with the collection of teas and herbs and I know that she read many books and knows about these things, I asked for advice and she immediately told me that there is one solution that has helped many who have come to her.

She advised me 5 nights in a row to make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and salt in relation 2-3 cups of vinegar and one cup of salt. Then it should  be mixed good and to dip a gauze in the mixture and wrap knee, all that wrap it with a cloth.”

“Already after the first day I felt relief, and pain disappeared  just after 5 days. Here for a while I have no more problems with my knees and normally i gave up from surgery that I was supposed to go. I hope this recipe will help other people. “says Elvir

Normally, we would still advise all people that may have similar problems before this natural intervention, however to consult with their doctor.


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