Saturday , 25 November 2017

Leg cramps during pregnancy, how to help yourself?


Leg cramps usually occur during the second trimester. As it goes pregnancy and belly increases so will they. The most common are during the night (but not excluded to occur during the day) and are extremely intensive and painful and often can disrupt sleep.

There are several reasons for their occurrence. Leg muscles get tired easily of carrying the additional weight. On the other hand uterus that spreads creates pressure on the blood vessels that return blood from the legs to the heart thereby causing cramps. Magnesium deficiency that occurs during pregnancy is considered to be major cause of leg cramps. It is necessary its complement as part of prenatal  supplements.

There are several ways  to prevent the frequent occurrence of cramps.

-First of all, do not stand for a long or sit cross-legged.

–Stretch your legs several times before going to sleep .

-Do not overdo with intake of caffeine in your  body

-Daily hike

In order to increase blood circulation through the body and even in the legs you should lay sideways, especially by the left side.

-Drink water regularly

-Consume additional nutritional supplement on the basis of magnesium and calcium

If you already have, the simplest way, although initially a little sick to prevent pain is to stretch the leg while the fingers bend inwards. The pain will instantly reduce its intensity.

But if the cramps are constant rather than temporary, the pain does not stop, then is obligatory to visit a doctor. If cramps are accompanied by other symptoms such as redness of the leg, the leg is hot to the touch and sensitive then it might be a blood clots. This condition is relatively rare but requires immediate medical attention.

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