Sunday , 21 January 2018

Little girl made millions of the lemonade – and that’s just the beginning!

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Eleven-year-old girl from America Mikaila Ulmer has achieved what many adults do not manage all their life – has built a small business empire worth millions of dollars.

Mikael is, in fact,used a special recipe of her great-grandmother for humanitarian purposes, but things were then rolled by themselves.

“When I was four years old, in one week bees sting me twice. I did not like that at all, i am afraid of bees. But precisely because of that I have wanted to examine them, and then I learned that they are very important for us and our ecosystem. And I thought, what if I were using the recipe for lemonade of my grandmother Helen somehow helped the bees? “Said the girl.

Mikhaila was then prepared sweeten lemonade by homemade honey, and then sold it at local events and in front of a nearby pizzeria. Profit is allocated to organizations dealing with the protection of bees.

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Soon her effort remarked investor Daymond John, in the show “Shark Tank” and received $ 60,000 for the initial investment, and is now signed 11 million dollar contract with the retail chain Shole Foods. This is just the beginning, because the nice girl now leads workshops on the importance of saving the bees in the world, and there are many plans for the future.

Her “BeeSweet” Lemonade in the future will be sold in 55 stores in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New York, and the part of the salary is used to help friends with similar ideas.

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