Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Make Immune Bomb In Your Kitchen


This natural antibiotic you can very simply do it by yourself

To have a strong immunity is necessary to eat healthy, but you can serve with a little trick. Try this beverage.

700 ml apple acid
¼ cup chopped garlic
¼ cup chopped onion
2 fresh peppers (the most bitter you can find)
¼ cup grated ginger
2 tablespoons grated horseradish
2 tablespoons turmeric


All ingredients except apple acid, mix  in a deeper bowl. Move the mixture in a glass jar and pour with apple acid.

Close the jar well and shake it good.
Leave the jar in a dry and cool place to rest for two weeks. After that period, strain through gauze.


One tablespoon of this drink per day is enough to improve your immunity, but be careful because is quite bitter.
Before using this drink, consult your doctor if you suffer from a chronic disease.

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